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Place Alliance Launches New Report: Home Comforts

28 October 2020

This report summarises findings of a national survey of 2,500 households (representing 7,200 people) aimed at understanding how well or how poorly the design of our homes and their immediate neighbourhoods supported us during the period of coronavirus lockdown.

Place Alliance

Findings showed that the majority felt comfortable in their homes, satisfied with their neighbourhood and a bolstered sense of community during lockdown. Unfortunately, if extrapolated across the UK, 11 million people were uncomfortable in their homes, 10 million felt no tangible change in community feeling, and 3 million suffered from poorly designed neighbourhoods that did not meet their basic everyday requirements. These findings were examined against a range of factors showing that those in newer homes were less happy and that we need to build our homes and neighbourhoods as decent places where people wish be. 

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