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BSP Phd Researcher launches Beirut reconstruction initiative

20 October 2020

Paul Moawad (UCL BSP PhD Researcher) launched BeBeirut Architects shortly after the tragic Beirut Port blast that took place on August 4th, 2020. The initiative is assisting the most vulnerable in rebuilding their damaged units and residences.


The team consists of more than 50 volunteered architects, including architecture students and recent graduates. BeBeirut Architects initiative came to fill a gap where the government emergence and disaster response has been absent. Their main task is to provide pro bono services that include supervision, project management, revision of BOQs and project follow up with wood, metal and aluminum subcontractors.

Beirut Taken by Paul Moawad

BeBeirut have partnered with Beb W’ Shebbek, one of the leading NGOs, who currently have hundreds of volunteers helping the most affected victims in building their residences  with the aim to assess and fix 3000 homes within a timeline of 20 months.

The following are some pivotal tasks that are being undertaken: contractors’ selection, detailed BOQs (Bill of Quantities) production, project supervision and management from the start till completion. BeBeirut architects have also taken a leading role in building a relief map using GIS technology denoting all the active organisations and associations on the ground as well as completed units and units yet to be done.

Beirut Taken by Paul Moawad

They have assessed and completed the reconstruction of 50 damaged houses. Their role is pivotal on the ground not only in providing design and technical expertise but also in listening and talking to the traumatised victims.

To follow Bebeirut Architects’ progress, see their Instagram page.