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BSP Postgraduate Research Day

8 June 2018

BSP Research Day

BSP Postgraduate Research Day ended with a celebration of recent findings by the School’s research students. Phoebe Stirling deconstructed the nature of housing demand as a concept, followed by Lisa Juanbhanich who emphasised the organisational factors determining the assessment of viability in green building in Thailand. The resilience of the office market in Manchester was the theme of Chien-Ling Lo’s work, while Stefania Fiorentino searched for the Fourth Italy within the Makers’ Movement in Rome. Paul Hildreth’s research looked at the details of the companies that made up the Mersey Dee local economy. The last two presentations considered how to measure justice with regard to transport, both drawing on a capabilities approach, Mengqiu Coa looking at London and Beatriz Mella Lire at Santiago. Anyone interested in pursuing a research degree at BSP is encouraged to contact Yvonne Rydin on Y.Rydin@ucl.ac.uk



Yvonne Rydin

BSP PhD Students
BSP Research Day