The Bartlett School of Planning


MRes Interdisciplinary Urban Design Research Day

4 July 2018

MRes Interdisciplinary Urban Design Research Day, Bartlett, 22 Gordon Street, 19th June 2018

Beirut Research



The BSP MRes Interdisciplinary Urban Design Research Day was an opportunity for our MRes students to showcase and celebrate the current research and the diversity of topics they are engaging with. And, to get feedback from a cross-disciplinary team of supervisors from across the various Urban Design research centers / programs across the Bartlett School.

Lea Zeitoun, working with Ava Fatah gen Schiek, focused on the topic of smart citizenship participation in Beirut. Andrea Pandolfo, working with Dr Sonia Arbaci, on the spatial practices, boundaries and thresholds in the regenerated public spaces and neighbourhoods of Palermo, in Italy. Steve Bee, working with Dr Edward Denison, focused on the issue of publicness in public/private space and the changing agency of the public realm from Modern to Postmodern era. Haibo Xu, with Prof. Matthew Carmona, concentrates on exploring the potential of residual spaces as a catalyst to improve urban life in China. Irene Manzini, working with Dr. Ben Campkin, focused on the Habitus of co-working spaces an how they shape meaningful experiences. Delia Bermeo Silva, working with Dr. Filipa Wunderlich, focused on Public art in Latin American mid-size cities as a vehicle for socio-spatial change. Luwen He, working with Prof. Iain Borden, focused on the issue of shop sign standardization in Shanghai. And, Simon Wokey, working with Dr. Sam Griffiths, focused on the embodiment of smart phone condition and how they re-shape behaviours and overall the space of the city.

Please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Filipa Wunderlich f.wunderlich@ucl.ac.uk if any questions and if you are interested to apply to study at our MRes Interdisciplinary Urban Design at BSP.