The Bartlett School of Planning


Dr. Filipa Wunderlich will be keynote speaker at ‘The Anxious City’ Festival, 1st September 2018

4 July 2018

Dr. Wunderlich will focus on how space design and place atmospheres can shape our perception of time, rhythm and the way we navigate and engage through space.

The Anxious City

This two-day event will explore the topic of urban stress, multisensory experiences and innovative solutions through the lens of design, science and art. The aim is to bring together Dutch and international health experts, citizens and designers and create a dialogue about the impact of the physical environment on physical and mental health as well as exploring new forms of design that are incorporating users' senses and body experiences.

Other speakers include Prof. Robert Levine (psychologists, US), Dr. Claudia Aguirre (neuroscientist, US), Dr. Antonella Radicchi (urbanist and soundscape scientist, IT/DE).

You can find more information about the festival here: http://www.healingplaces.nl/