The Bartlett School of Planning


Beacon Bursary 2017

6 November 2017

Dr Tse-Hui Teh has been awarded a Beacon Bursary 2017 for a public engagement project titled 'Compost Conversations'.

Spitalfields City Farm

It is a collaboration with Dr Lena Ciric (CEGE) and Spitalfields City Farm to enable four disparate communities at Spitalfields City Farm to learn about compost, sustainable resource use, and the installation of a new vacuum flush composting toilet around which we will be conducting long term research.'Compost Conversations' is a set of workshops that aims to both teach and understand what people know about compost, the nutrient cycle and the water cycle. The outcomes of these workshops supports the development of a communication tool that will be installed with the vacuum flush compost toilet to help visitors understand the relationship between food, human waste, compost, and the nutrient and water cycle. There are four tailored workshops for four disparate groups of people who regularly use the Farm: 9-10 year old primary school students, 13-14 year old high school students, adults from a corporate team, and adult gardeners. By understanding what these four very different groups of people know and are interested in, we will deliver a communication tool that is effective in appealing to a broad audience. 'Compost Conversations' is the initial step towards building long term engagement with a research project about creating sustainable food and water cycles.

Bottle Grounds

The vacuum flush compost toilet and communication tool will be installed at Spitalfields City Farm by January/February 2018. Please visit and while you are there, why not make a contribution for quality compost!