The Bartlett School of Planning


Introduction to Rural Planning by Nick Gallent, Iqbal Hamiduddin, Meri Juntti, Sue Kidd, Dave Shaw

16 June 2015

Introduction to rural planning book

A new book by The Bartlett School of Planning's Professor Nick Gallent and Dr Iqbal Hamiduddin, Dr Meri Juntti (Middlesex University) and Sue Kidd and Dave Shaw (University of Liverpool).

Introduction to Rural Planning: Economies, Communities and Landscapes provides a critical analysis of the key challenges facing rural places and the ways that public policy and community action shape rural spaces.

The second edition provides an examination of the composite nature of ‘rural planning’, which combines land-use and spatial planning elements with community action, countryside management and the projects and programmes of national and supra-national agencies and organisations. 

It also offers a broad analysis of entrepreneurial social action as a shaper of rural outcomes, with particular coverage of the localism agenda and Neighbourhood Planning in England. With a focus on accessibility and rural transport provision, this book examines the governance arrangements needed to deliver integrated solutions spanning urban and rural places. 

Through an examination of the ecosystem approach to environmental planning, it links the procurement of ecosystem services to the global challenges of habitat degradation and loss, climate change and resource scarcity and management.

"This is the defi nitive textbook on rural planning in the UK. It is up to date, relevant and clearly explained. The book provides critical perspectives on rural planning issues that will continue to ensure its relevance in a rapidly changing policy arena." Richard Yarwood, Plymouth University

The book is available from the Taylor&Francis website.