The Bartlett School of Planning


Graziano Di Gregorio

Research subject

Sustainability appraisal framework for Investment in Airport development infrastructure

Primary supervisor: Dr John Ward
Secondary supervisor: Dr Iqbal Hamiduddin
Starting date: September 2018
Projected completion date: September 2022

Today, aviation has become the world’s fastest-growing global industry with more than 18,000 commercial aircrafts in service, 1,300 airlines operating and over 1,200 airports open to international aviation. Airports in particular, have become increasingly complex, influential high profile and expensive infrastructure investments, but also, conversely, places of huge controversies and protests raising critical issues and tensions between the varying implications and impacts they exert on their surrounding areas at a variety of scales.

This research project is aimed to investigate the viability of airport infrastructure investments, over time and space, in a climate-constrained world and how can we reconcile present and future investment in airport infrastructures with the principles of sustainable development.


Graziano is a qualified Architect and Planner with experience in residential masterplanning, industrial developments and infrastructure planning.


Before joining Bartlett as a PhD student, Graziano completed his studies in Architecture between Italy – Second University of Naples - and Belgium - Université Catholique de Louvain - with master’s thesis on airport-driven developments entitled “Aerotropolis Felix: Globalization and development scenarios in Campania.” He continued his studies by undertaking an MSc in Mega Infrastructure Planning Appraisal & Delivery at the Bartlett School of Planning with a final dissertation aimed to investigate “The role of airport infrastructure as ‘agents of sustainable change’ in the global competitive world. What makes an airport a sustainable development fit for the challenges of the 21st century?”


After a brief experience working as Research Assistant at the OMEGA Centre at Bartlett School of Planning, Graziano has been working for AECOM on major projects in UK, Europe, Asia and Africa.


Returning to UCL to pursue a PhD in Planning Studies as part-time student, Graziano is currently studying the viability of airport infrastructures, over time and space, in the current climate-constrained world and how we can reconcile present and future investment in airport infrastructure with the principle of sustainable development.