The Bartlett School of Planning


Sustainability, Health and Climate Change

20 June 2024, 5:00 pm–7:00 pm


The sixth(final) seminar in the Public Research Seminar series, titled "Sustainability, Health and Climate Change," is part of the UCL ChangeMakers funded project MRes InterConnect: Bridging Interdisciplinary Communities and Frontline Research.

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Filipa Wunderlich


BSP Urban Design Studio
31 Leigh Street

Guided by Dr. Catalina Turcu and Dr. Filipa Wunderlich, the discussions illuminate the role of urban planning and design in fostering environments that are resilient, healthful, and climate-conscious. Pooja Boddupalli presents her study on reimagining urban spaces to bolster local and sustainable food networks in London, advocating for a revision of cityscapes to enhance food resilience. Shani Pearl Nachman offers insights into designing neighbourhoods that prioritize health, emphasizing the necessity of integrating wellness into the fabric of urban planning. Christoph Kollert examines how urban configurations can encourage cycling, presenting it as a sustainable transportation method that benefits both public health and the environment. Yuehao Liu discusses strategies for creating inclusive urban areas that cater to individuals with dementia, showcasing the importance of thoughtful design in building supportive communities.

Talks / Speakers:

Sustainable Neighbourhood Foodscapes: Re-Calibrating Urban Form to Create Resilient & Localised Food Systems in London

Pooja Boddupalli, MRes IdUD Alumni 2020-2021; PhD at TUDelft, The Netherlands.

Planning for Healthy Neighborhoods: The case of London

Shani Pearl Nachman, MRes IdUD Alumni 2022-2023; Architect and Urban Design

Consultant, Naama Malis Architecture & Urban Design

The Role of Urban Design in Promoting Cycling: A Behaviour Change Perspective

Christoph Kollert, MRes IdUD Alumni 2015-2016; Network coordinator NUDAFA real laboratory for intermunicipal cycling promotion | Urban planning, urban development & mobility, Municipality of Eichwalde

Design Framework and Strategies for Dementia-Friendly Communities

Yuehao Liu, MRes IdUD Alumni 2022-2023



Dr Catalina Turcu

Professor of Sustainable Built Environment, Bartlett School of Planning, UCL

Dr Filipa Wunderlich

Associate Professor in Urban Design, Bartlett School of Planning, UCL

The Research Seminar will take place at 31 Leigh Street, WC1H 9 EP, Thursday 5pm - 7pm.

All are welcome to join the insightful discussion, ask questions, and engage with the speakers. 

This event will be HYBRID event. If you cannot attend in person, please contact the organisers for Webinar Link.

These events are funded by UCL ChangeMakers and are a part of the Interdisciplinary Urban Design MRes at the Bartlett School of Planning.