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London Planning Seminar: Flexible office spaces

23 January 2020, 5:30 pm–8:00 pm

London Planning Seminars

Flexible office spaces: variables, typologies and trends. An overview from London and Rome.

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Victoria Howard


Room G.01
Central House
14 Upper Woburn Place
United Kingdom

The increasing political and economic uncertainties registered in Europe are affecting the locational patterns of innovative small enterprises. A growing number of freelancing and project-based work has had an impact on the working spaces and the commercial real estate market. Flexible and shared office spaces of different forms are becoming the new trend to accustom the need of start-ups and creative or innovative entrepreneurs. This study explores the contextual dynamics of co-working spaces in two very different cities – both for real estate trends and for local economic development dynamics - like Rome and London. The main typologies of spaces found are similar but the way they are declined is very different in the two cities, influenced by the surrounding socio-economic variables. Considering the co-working and flexible office market in London is better established, the comparison with a real estate market where co-working is in its infancy, like that of Rome, allows us to critically address the growth of this type of office space and to address possible recommendations for stakeholders such as policymakers, real estate professionals and office occupiers.

About the Speaker

Stefania Fiorentino

Alumni at UCL

Stefania Fiorentino holds a PhD in Planning from the Bartlett School of Planning. Within her thesis she has investigated the new geography of innovation in Rome, populated by innovative start-ups and entrepreneurs, makers and co-working spaces. Her wider research interest looks at ways to reconcile planning and local economic development through strategic planning solutions responding to the contemporary socio-economic challenges. Stefania has years of teaching experience in the planning field and has worked as a consultant in planning, urban regeneration, and economic development for practices in the UK, France and Italy. 

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