The Bartlett School of Planning


The Big Idea

04 June 2019, 5:00 pm–6:00 pm

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Come and hear our big ideas….

This event is free.

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Jo Williams


The Garden Room
Wilkins Building
Kings Cross, London

The staff at BSP are working on solutions to real-world problems - climate change, housing shortages, social justice, poor design. We are helping to design, plan, govern and create healthy, resource efficient, beautiful, socially just and adaptable living environments.

We have bought six key speakers together from across the Bartlett School of Planning, to pitch to you one big idea which will help address a real world problem in cities today.

The speakers are:

  1. Prof. Matthew Carmona – Director of Place Alliance, Professor of Urban Design.
  2. Prof. Mike Raco – Director of Research, Professor of Urban Governance and Development
  3. Prof. Stephen Marshall – Professor of Urban Morphology and Urban Design
  4. Dr Jo Williams – Director of Circular Cities Hub, Associate Professor of Sustainable Urbanism
  5. Dr Ben Clifford -  Departmental Tutor, Course Director MSc Spatial Planning, Associate Professor in Spatial Planning
  6. Dr Iqbal Hamiduddin - Associate Professor in Transport Planning and Housing.

This is your chance to hear their big ideas and ask them questions.

The event will be followed by the opening of the BSP Expo 2019 in the South Cloisters.