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From Design Policy to Design Quality

From Design Policy to Design Quality was funded by the Royal Town Planning Institute in 2001-2002


Undertaken with Professor John Punter of the University of Cardiff, this project revised case studies originally undertaken for the books The Design Dimension of Planning (Punter and Carmona, 1997) and Housing Design Quality (Carmona, 2001). The updated work aimed to determine an agenda for design policies in the new generation of planning policy tools required under the 2004 Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act.


Professor Matthew Carmona
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David Chapman 


Matthew Carmona and John Punter, From Design Policy to Design Quality: The Role of Design Policies in Development Plans, London, Thomas Telford, 2002

Matthew Carmona, 'English Design Policies: How Have they Fared?'inEnvironment and Planning B: Planning and  Design, Vol. 30, 2003, pp. 911-931

Matthew Carmona, Making Design Policy Work: How to Deliver Good Design Through Your Local Development Framework, London, CABE, 2005 


The original work and this follow-up study have influenced the spread of more comprehensive design policies in development plans across the UK. The research is reflected in government policy and guidance on the relationship between planning and design.