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Academic staff at the Bartlett School of Planning are all actively engaged in research and advisory work relating to the range of built environment disciplines they teach.

2020/2021 Contact Information

BSP staff won’t be reliably on-site at Central House for the foreseeable future as we observe safe working practices and social distancing in our building. This means that in-person meetings and postal correspondence won’t be possible without careful prior arrangement.

If you need to contact a member of staff, we recommend that you use email only for the time-being. Some staff may also be able to offer video calls upon appointment and you can contact professional services staff via phone

The Bartlett Planning School occupies the fifth and sixth floors of Central House. A disabled access guide for the building is available here

Our postal address is as follows:

Bartlett School of Planning
University College London
Fifth Floor
Central House
14 Upper Woburn Place 

Tel: +44 (0)20 3108 9947

Who to contact about:

BSc programmes

BSc Urban Planning, Design and Management
BSc Urban Studies
BSc Urban Planning and Real Estate

Director: Dr Jessica Ferm
Admissions Tutor: Dr Danielle Sanderson
Administrator: Eliza Fleming

BSc1 Year Co-ordinator: Dr Danielle Sanderson
BSc2 Year Co-ordinator: Dr Tommaso Gabrieli 
BSc3 Year Co-ordinator: Professor Stephen Marshall

BSc Programmes: Enquiries about the progress of UCAS applications: George Burridge
Faculty Office tel: +44 (0)20 3108 6664

Postgraduate programmes

All postgraduate applications and exam arrangements pass through the Faculty
Postgraduate Office. Enquiries can be made there:

Ian Lewis
Postgraduate Clerk
Direct Line: +44 (0)20 3108 9018
Email: bartlett.pgclerk@ucl.ac.uk

These members of staff can give advice on academic aspects of the courses as well as questions about applications:

Diploma / MSc Urban Design and City Planning
Director & Admissions Tutor: Dr Pablo Sendra
Administrator: Yvonne Sibblies

Diploma / MSc International Planning
Director: Dr Sonia Arbaci
Admissions Tutor: Dr Qiulin Ke
Administrator: Nina Jasilek

Diploma / MSc Spatial Planning
Director: Dr Ben Clifford
Admissions Tutor: Dr Qiulin Ke
Administrator: Nina Jasilek

MSc Spatial Planning Apprenticeship
Director & Admissions Tutor: Dr Ben Clifford
Administrator: Nina Jasilek

Diploma/MSc International Real Estate and Planning
Director: Dr Nicola Livingstone
Admissions Tutor: Dr Tommaso Gabrieli
Administrator: Judith Hillmore

Diploma/MSc Urban Regeneration
Director & Admissions Tutor: Dr Sonia Freire Trigo
Administrator: Yvonne Sibblies

Diploma / MSc Sustainable Urbanism
Director & Admissions Tutor: Dr Catalina Turcu
Administrator: Alkesh Patel

Diploma / MSc Infrastructure Planning, Appraisal and Development
Director & Admissions Tutor: Dr John Ward
Administrator: Judith Hillmore

Diploma / MSc Transport and City Planning
Director & Admissions Tutor: Professor Robin Hickman
Administrator: Alkesh Patel

Diploma / MSc Housing and City Planning
Directior & Admissions Tutor: Dr Iqbal Hamiduddin
Administrator: Nina Jasilek

MRes Inter-disciplinary Urban Design
Director & Admissions Tutor: Dr Filipa Wunderlich
Administrator: Yvonne Sibblies

MPlan City Planning
Director & Admissions Tutor: Dr Michael Short
Administrator: Nina Jasilek

PhD programme
Director: Professor Yvonne Rydin
Administrator: Naomi Jones

ERASMUS / Affiliate agreements, JYA and exchanges
Director: Professor Claire Colomb
Administrator: Nina Jasilek

Research Director: Professor Mike Raco
Administrator: Dr Julie Hipperson