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Our students are why The Bartlett exists, and they make it what it is.

PhD Student Theses

We have 2,100 undergraduate and postgraduate students from more than 60 countries, all chosen for their talent and future potential, regardless of their social or national origin. It’s this mix of people and backgrounds that gives The Bartlett its welcoming, inclusive and cosmopolitan atmosphere. It’s also one of the reasons why this place sparks so many fresh ideas.

Our students bring their imagination, resourcefulness and commitment, helping to maintain a fierce reputation for hard work. We’re proud of them – proud of what they’re achieving now and what they’ll achieve in their careers after they’ve left.

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New students

If you've accepted a place at The Bartlett, UCL, congratulations! Here's some information to get you started.

Our 12 schools and institutes offer students a unique opportunity for innovation and collaboration across disciplines. Whether we're your first experience at university or this is your third degree, we're excited to welcome you.

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    UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP)

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    The Bartlett Real Estate Institute (BREI)


    Getting Started at The Bartlett

        The Bartlett Library

        Yes, you will have to study eventually. The Bartlett Library at Central House is a great place to focus and get some revision done.

        Bartlett Locations


        Take a look at our map of The Bartlett buildings around the Bloomsbury campus: bit.ly/TheBartlettLocationsMap
        Bloomsbury Walking Tour

        Get to know the area around UCL with this self-guided architecture walking tour. Best of all, you can impress your new friends with your knowledge of the area—and maybe even score some points on a pub quiz!

        Urban Skills Portal

        Want to hone your graphics skills? Then this series of free online courses offered by The Bartlett is perfect for you.


        If you've got questions about your course, institution, or The Bartlett in general, give us a shout on any of our social media platforms or by using the contact information found here.

        Getting started at UCL


        So you've arrived at UCL. What next? UCL's New Students page will guide you through your first few days at your new home.

        Student's Union

        Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Want to join a club or society? Or do you just want to know the best place to grab a cheap pint after class? Students' Union UCL has you sorted. From gym memberships to Give it a Go activities and volunteering opportunities, they have everything you need.

        Clubs and Societies

        Volunteering Services Unit

        Union cafes and bars

        Welcome Fair 2017

        Portico and Moodle

        Manage your student status, fees, modules and more with Portico and Moodle. Use your UCL username and password to access these crucial services.

        ISD: Email and Wifi

        Staying connected is essential at The Bartlett, and it all starts with your UCL Email and a good Wifi connection. USL ISD has put up handy guides for connecting to both.


        Need to find your lecture hall? Need to first figure out which lecture hall you're supposed to be at? The UCLGo app includes maps of all of UCL's campuses, connects to your online timetable, has a phone directory of UCL staff, and more.


        It may seem like ages away, but your job hunt will be here sooner than you think. Whether you want help applying for internships, honing your CV or interview skills, or are just in need of some general advice, the UCL Careers office has it all. If you're looking to develop your entrepreneurial skills or start your own business, check out UCL Advances. 

        Student Support

        Starting a new chapter in your life can be tough, and you never know what challenges life will throw your way. UCL's student support systems make sure you're never alone. From Psychological Services to Rights and Advice, take a look through the directory to find help for almost anything you might need.


        Welcome to London


        The Bartlett is based in the heart of London (as well as at Here East, our new campus in East London), and there's no better place for you to learn about the built environment. Don't miss out on any of the exciting opportunities that London has to offer...


        To state the obvious, London is a big city, and it isn't always easy to find your way around. Try downloading the Citymapper app on your phone to help you get from A to B as quickly (and cheaply) as possible.

        Budget planner

        You've probably already realised that London is an expensive city: with so much to see, eat, and do, it's not always easy to keep a handle on your budget. Using a budget-planner like Student Calculator can help make managing your money much easier.

        18+ Student Oyster Card

        An easy way to save some money is to take advantage of Transport for London's student Oyster card discount.

        16–25 Railcard

        London is a great city from which to explore the rest of the UK. The 16–25 Railcard gets you 1/3 off your rail fares. Start packing your bags!

        NUS Extra Card

        Get an NUS Extra Card through UCLU for only £12 and you'll have discounts on countless brands across the UK!


        Much like the NUS Extra Card, StudentBeans helps you find discounts in shops, restaurants and more. It's worth having a look before your next online shopping spree or takeaway order!

        TimeOut London

        TimeOut is a comprehensive guide for restaurants, bars, shows, free events and more around London. You need never be bored again.