The Bartlett



The Bartlett is an open door to some of the best minds at work today in the built environment arena.

In every school and section you’ll find people who are leaders in their fields, as staff and visiting academics, plus many more that come to deliver one-off lectures and talks. Even within individual sections, you’ll find an eclectic mix of scholars and professionals, from designers, writers and historians to economists, sociologists and scientists.


Faculty staff

As a group, our people add up to an extraordinary network of experts and talents whose influence reaches around the world.

A visiting professor sitting as his desk

Visiting and honorary academics

The experience that our visiting lecturers, speakers and associates bring to The Bartlett is an essential part of our students’ and researchers’ intake of knowledge.



Our students are why The Bartlett exists, and they make it what it is. We have  over 3,500 undergraduate and postgraduate students from more than 60 countries, all chosen for their talent and future potential, regardless of their social or national origin. 

A group of alumni sit gathered around a table at an event for Bartlett alumni


The Bartlett alumni go on to great things. They’re founders, directors and partners of some of the world’s leading built environment businesses. They’re also writers, filmmakers, musicians, policy-makers, journalists and politicians, because time spent here can lead in many directions.