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Informing Policy

Bartlett staff provide expertise and evidence that informs public policy from the local to the global.

At The Bartlett, effecting public policy is integral to our work. Outward facing with a diversity of disciplines, our policy engagement is broad and far-reaching. We don’t stop at understanding things better, we ask how and where we can add value. From multimillion projects funded by UK government to co-produced research with local partners across the globe, we are working together to tackle pressing policy challenges. As experts in our fields, we serve as advisors on parliamentary committees, independent committees, and even national elections.

With UCL Public Policy, we are contributing to recommendations on key policy priorities:

We bring policy into the classroom too. On a field trip to Freetown in Sierra Leone, or on placement with the Greater London Authority, we challenge our students to think outside of the university and become part of the policy process.

Bartlett Public Policy Board

Chaired by the Bartlett Faculty Lead for Public Policy, the Bartlett Public Policy Board (BPPB) brings together representatives from all Bartlett departments to support and amplify policy activity across the Faculty. With support from the Bartlett Public Policy Manager, the Board organises events to stimulate cross-disciplinary policy discussion, policy placements for Bartlett staff, as well as producing case studies to highlight successful policy engagement.

The Board works closely with UCL Public Policy. Find out who represents each Bartlett department below.

Bartlett Public Policy Board Membership

Bartlett Public Policy Board members can provide advice and signposting for all members of the Bartlett Faculty. Find out who represents your department below.

Bartlett Public Policy Board Membership

Faculty Lead for Public Policy

Dr Kate Roll
Email: k.roll@ucl.ac.uk
View Kate's profile

Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose

Dr George Dibb
Email: g.dibb@ucl.ac.uk
View George's profile

Institute for Sustainable Resources

Paul Drummond    
Email: p.drummond@ucl.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (0)20 3108 9148 (Ex: 59148)
View Paul's profile

Real Estate Institute

Prof Andrew Edkins
Email: andrew.edkins@ucl.ac.uk
Tel: 020 3108 8160 (Ex: 58160)
View Andrew's profile

Institute for Global Prosperity

Dr Christopher Harker
Email: christopher.harker@ucl.ac.uk
Tel: 020 3108 6609
View Christopher's profile

Development Planning Unit

Dr Pascale Hofmann    
Email: p.hofmann@ucl.ac.uk
View Pascale's profile

Energy Institute

Dr Peter Mallaburn    
Email: peter.mallaburn@ucl.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (0)7715 901 991
View Peter's profile

School of Architecture

Dr Claire McAndrew    
Email: c.mcandrew@ucl.ac.uk
View Claire's profile

School of Sustainable Construction

Dr Stanimera Milcheva
Email: s.milcheva@ucl.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (0)20 7679 5946 (Ex: 57883)
View Stanimera's profile

Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis

Dr Max Nathan
Email: max.nathan@ucl.ac.uk
View Max's profile

Institute for Sustainable Heritage

Prof Richard Sandford
Email: r.sandford@ucl.ac.uk
View Richard's profile

School of Planning

Prof John Tomaney
Email: j.tomaney@ucl.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (0)20 3108 5956 (Ex: 59565)
View John's profile

Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering

Dr Nici Zimmerman
Email: n.zimmerman@ucl.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (0)20 3108 5951 (Ex: 55951)
View Nici's profile

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