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Impact at The Bartlett

Through partnership, listening, engagement and cooperation, Bartlett staff and students are using ground-breaking teaching and research to change the world.

Impact and the Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment

Impact is the change and influence we create through our teaching, research, and engagement activities at the Bartlett. While there are varying definitions of impact, The Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment is focused on how partnership with diverse groups and voices, and how reflection on these engagements contributes to mutually beneficial change within and outside academia. 

We support our staff and students to create lasting and valuable partnerships, to understand organisations of all varieties, and to reflect on their own position within society. Through this support we hope to contribute to positive change locally, nationally, and internationally.

Faculty contacts

Impact Manager
Tadhg Caffrey
Email: t.caffrey@ucl.ac.uk

Impact Lead
Gemma Moore
Email: gemma.moore@ucl.ac.uk