The Bartlett



Enterprise. You could say it’s what The Bartlett is built on.

The enterprise of the most inventive and audacious thinkers in the sphere of the built environment, and the enterprise of our numerous external partners – large and small firms in the professions, local authorities, NGOs and many others.

Why us?

Why do organisations such as E-ON, KPMG, Lend Lease, BP, Nomura Commercial and Arup choose The Bartlett as their partner for research, learning and training?

As part of UCL’s influential academic community, with the broadest range of built environment disciplines of any UK faculty, and hard-wired into London’s network of world-leading design, planning and construction firms, we know better than any other academic institution how real-world enterprise works.

This means we are able to tailor our partnerships and services to suit real needs. We carry out consultancy projects to look into specific technical challenges or issues facing organisations.

We develop training programmes for clients on themes of their choice, such as innovation or project management. And we provide doctoral researchers to develop new knowledge and opportunities directly relevant to clients’ own business or technological needs – their own dedicated R&D, part-funded by the Government.

Talk to us.

We are The Bartlett, the natural academic partner for enterprise in the built environment.