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Dr Nick Hughes confirmed as The Bartlett Faculty Lead for Climate Action

17 February 2021

Image of a circle of trees taken from the centre looking upwards

At The Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment, we are committed to taking action on the climate crisis, and we’re delighted to announce the appointment of a new Faculty Lead for Climate Action to lead our climate crisis strategy. 

Dr Nick Hughes from the UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources is an expert in low carbon energy and sustainable resources and has worked with organisations including Ofgem, the Committee on Climate Change and UN Environment's International Resource Panel. 

Dr Hughes will be stepping into the role of Bartlett Faculty Lead for Climate Action, and growing The Bartlett’s efforts to address and mitigate the climate crisis through our research, teaching and working practices. 

This ambitious programme of action will leverage The Bartlett's expertise in built environments and human spaces worldwide. We will work to unlock the potential for physical structures like houses, buildings, energy, and cities to mitigate the climate crisis – as well as the invisible structure that govern them, including political and economic systems, and social and cultural norms. 

As well as producing new knowledge, insight and ideas to spark global impact and action on the climate crisis, we will be focusing on educating the next generation of climate leaders through our teaching programmes and executive education. 

The climate crisis is a profound challenge, but through our responses to it, we have the opportunity to create more prosperous and sustainable societies, whilst addressing injustice and inequalities. The Bartlett is uniquely placed to contribute to these transformations through its rich and wide-ranging research, its teaching, and its actions.

- Dr Nick Hughes, Senior Research Fellow, UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources