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The Building Better podcast is back for season two

1 December 2021

Listen to the first episode in season two of Building Better: The Bartlett Podcast, which asks the question: is online space real space?

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The Building Better podcast is glad to be back for its second season, exploring life and research at The Bartlett and how we are trying to build better. Each episode introduces two members of our community to explore a topic that captures a snapshot of what happens here, from innovative techniques to interdisciplinary ideas to groundbreaking results.

In episode one of season two, Please Switch on your Cameras, we wanted to know: Is online space real space? Does it, should it and can it work in the same way and follow the same rules?

This is a big question that couldn’t possibly be answered in one episode, so we thought we’d be a bit more specific and ask, what does, or should, an online classroom look like?

Alongside two innovative educators from The Bartlett School of Architecture, host Christoph explores their personal experiences of teaching during the pandemic and ideas around how we might reinvent what a classroom looks like in the future.

Join Elizabeth Dow, an Associate Professor and Senior Departmental Tutor who leads the Architectural & Interdisciplinary Studies BSc and Alvaro Lopez-Rodriguez, a lecturer (teaching) and researcher in digital manufacturing and augmented reality for a reflective discussion on the possibilities - and limitations - of online teaching. 

Listen to the episode below and click the link to catch up on season one. 

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