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Join The Bartlett’s campaign for climate action

12 April 2021

The Bartlett is proud to launch our Together for climate action campaign. Find out how you can get involved.

cop26 aerial view of fields

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This is a crucial moment in the global response to the climate crisis. With the COP26 United Nations climate summit taking place in Glasgow in November 2021, governments, businesses and people around the world will be focusing on shaping the future of our climate.

At The Bartlett, we’re working together to take action on the climate crisis, and to build a future with net zero carbon emissions.  

Over the next eight months, our Together for climate action campaign will bring together world-leading experts from The Bartlett to focus on some of the crucial issues at stake – from the transition to clean energy, to the role of cities in achieving net zero.

Whether you’re a built environment practitioner, a policymaker, or just simply passionate about the climate crisis, we aim to empower and inspire you to find out what’s going on, why it’s important – and what you can do to create change.

Every month our experts will be sharing ideas and insights on a different theme. We’ll drill down into different ways that buildings, cities, energy, waste, transport, societies, economies and governments can be reimagined to tackle the global climate crisis.

COP26 represents a major opportunity for the world to advance an ambitious global response to the climate crisis. At The Bartlett, we want to mobilise our diverse expertise on sustainability and the built environment to help build momentum and positively shape the direction of that response."

 - Professor Christoph Lindner, Dean of The Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment

The function of a university is to generate and share knowledge in the service of society – and that is what our campaign seeks to do in respect of reducing climate-changing emissions. Our Explainers will lay out the key issues in simple language. Our Policy Briefs will tell you who needs to do what, when, to be part of the solution – and what you can do too. Our blogs will comment on topical issues. There will be events where you can ask questions and have your say. The lead up to COP26 Conference in Glasgow in November is a great chance get more climate action. By joining our campaign you can become more informed and more effective in helping to address one of the greatest challenges facing humanity.”

- Professor Paul Ekins, Professor of Resources and Environment Policy and the academic lead for the campaign

Climate change threatens disastrous impacts on natural ecosystems and human communities. To avoid these impacts, we need to transform our society. This is a huge and complex challenge that requires strong and sustained action over decades. But it is also an opportunity – an opportunity for us to breath cleaner air, live in safer homes, have meaningful jobs, live in a more equal world, and protect the natural environment of which we are part. 

The transition won’t be brought about by politicians acting alone, nor by individuals acting in isolation. It will require coordinated action from many different kinds of people across society. By engaging with climate action, we can understand better what actions we might take in our own lives, but also what we need to ask for from our politicians, from our communities, from our companies and other institutions in society, in order to move forward together on climate action.”  

- Dr Nick Hughes, The Bartlett Faculty Lead for Climate Action