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Faculty Travel Award submissions provide a snapshot of Bartlett students' lockdown

7 July 2020

Bartlett students submitted films, photographs and essays documenting their experiences of Covid-19 lockdowns around the world.

A tyre swing with red tape wrapped around it, indicating that it is not to be used during the Coronavirus pandemic

Image: Kristen Leung

In previous years, The Bartlett Faculty Travel Awards and Scholarships have supported Bartlett undergraduate students to undertake independent travel to another country. This year, given Covid-19 travel restrictions, students were asked to submit creative contributions on their local area instead.

Students were encouraged to creatively document inspiration taken from their local area, the ways in which they have seen or experienced their local areas differently as a result of the crisis, with particular focus on the natural world.

39 submissions were received, documenting lockdowns from Milton Keynes to Hong Kong. Through insightful short films, moving written essays, and beautiful photo diaries, students from across The Bartlett shared their experiences of life during the Covid-19 pandemic. Just a handful are featured in the slide show below.

We will be sharing all the submissions on our social media platforms over the coming weeks. Keep an eye on our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts, or follow #BartlettSpaces.

Images 1: Emily Wang. Image 2: Christopher Wong. Image 3: Carson Yeung. Image 4: Motong Yang. Image 5: Jonah Rappaport.