The Bartlett


Bartlett 100 Exhibition: The Next 100 Years

4 March 2019

The Bartlett turns 100 in 2019. As part of our centenary celebrations, we want to co-create a manifesto for the next 100 years of the built environment – with you.

Colourful diamond-shaped blocks, each with a question inside it relevant to the exhibition

What are the most important questions facing the built environment over the next 100 years?

As part of the Bartlett 100 campaign, this exhibition aims to open up discussions about what the next 100 years might look like for the built environment and where The Bartlett should be focusing its attention to build a better future. 

We can’t predict the future, but we can start by making sure we’re asking the right questions. Here are some that we’ve been thinking about:

  • How can we provide a good choice of housing for our growing population?
  • How do we make socially just spaces?
  • What is the future of urban health?
  • Will the virtual world become more important than the physical world?
  • How can we create a built environment with citizens, rather than for them?
  • How can we make our homes fit for a climate-changed future?

What do you think?

We're looking for questions from everyone – students, staff, researchers, industry, partners and the public at large. Our aim is to generate as many questions as we can and then invite people to explore them at the exhibition. Questions can tackle broad themes or focus on a niche; they can be related to your discipline or field of research, or simply your experiences and observations as a user of the built environment.

Come and share your ideas with us at The Bartlett from 2-18 May 2019, or tweet us your question using #Bartlett100