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Explore London with the return of Bartlett Walks

18 September 2017

Bartlett Walks is a series of PhD student led excursions around different corners of London.

King’s Cross – Beyond Regeneration

‘The world reveals itself to those who travel on foot’ – Werner Herzog.

Walking provides a novel perspective on issues, themes and artefacts within the built environment. Covering diverse themes such as graffiti, regeneration and surveillance, the walks all assume different methodological or thematic approaches to the built environment. Come along, explore London, and get to know fellow Bartlett students from other departments.

These walks are open to Bartlett postgraduate students.

If you are a current Bartlett PhD student and interested in leading a walk, please contact Rebecca.payne@ucl.ac.uk.

2-4pm 4th October 2017: London’s Ring of Steel

This Bartlett walk will walk a section of the Eastern boundary of the Ring of Steel and show you how to identify key techniques of surveillance and control and how they play out in the urban environment.

This walk will be led by Henrietta Williams, The Bartlett School of Architecture.

2-4pm 11th October 2017: King’s Cross – Beyond Regeneration

This walk circles the site of the King’s Cross Central development, only a couple of blocks away at all times but passing through areas that are some of the least visited in central London. These are places with colourful, many-layered histories which we will explore.

This walk will be led by Tom Bolton, Space Syntax Lab.

2-4pm 18th October 2017: Understanding the Olympic Park

Taking in the extent of the Olympic Park, this walk will examine themes of regeneration, including the use of the Olympic Games as a vehicle for this, with a discussion about the resultant legacy. We will also get a sneak preview of the Bartlett's new facilities in Here East.

This walk will be led by Bill Hodgson, Bartlett School of Architecture.

2-4pm 25th October 2017: The Royal London Hospital Estate in Whitechapel

Join Amy Smith for a guided walk of the eastern part of the Royal London Hospital estate in Whitechapel, navigating a rich assortment of purpose-built medical buildings. Explore the surviving rows of terraced houses laid out to generate an income for the hospital in the early nineteenth century.

This walk will be led by Amy Smith, The Bartlett School of Architecture.

2-4pm 1st November 2017: Graffscapes: Spatial Impact and Graffiti Perception

This walk is a guided exploration of London’s largest open graffiti painting area. We will investigate graffiti as a mediator of spatial perception by looking at Leake Street, a tunnel underneath Waterloo station. 

This walk will be led by Sabina Andron, Bartlett School of Architecture.

2-4pm 15th November 2017: RAISING FROM THE ASHES: Architecture and Science for the Rebuilding of London after the Great Fire of 1666

This walk aims to show some of the architectural sites and monuments that marked the rebuilding of London after the Great Fire of 1666. These buildings will tell the story of how the British capital, burnt to the ground after four days of ceaseless fire, was rebuilt from the ground up over just a few decades.

This walk will be led by Gregorio Astengo, Bartlett School of Architecture.