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New documentary on Bartlett-funded research projects

22 June 2016

A new film documenting the experience of two research projects based at The Bartlett, cLIMA sin Riesgo and ReMap Lima, has been released.

Drone visualisation

‘Participatory Mapping to Reduce Urban Risk in Lima’ gives an in-depth look into the work undertaken with funding from the first Bartlett Research Materialisation Grant, awarded in 2013 to facilitate the ReMap Lima project.

Undertaken as a collaboration between the The Bartlett’s Development Planning Unit (DPU) and Centre for Spatial Analysis (CASA), ReMap Lima went beyond its 18 month duration to feed into the Climate and Development Knowledge Network-funded cLIMA sin Riesgo initiative, begun in February 2015.

This film investigates the work done by the two projects in planning more democratic and sustainable cities through the opening up of dialogues between planners, policy-makers and marginalised citizens. The projects aim to co-produce knowledge by re-mapping terrains and assessing the risk posed by every day incidents and episodic disasters to informal settlements.

Watch the film now on the DPU’s YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/watch?v=VB5Woye7ZPg

Applications for this year’s Bartlett Research Materialisation Grant close on the 27th June.