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Working Papers

The IGP Working Paper Series presents our latest work on global prosperity, often before it appears in academic journals





Prosperity for whom?

Systemic injustice and the UK economy

Authors: Henrietta L. Moore & Katrina-Louise Moseley

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Re-thinking livelihood security WP cover

Re-thinking livelihood security: why addressing the democratic deficit in economic policy-making opens up new pathways to prosperity

Authors: Saffron Woodcraft, Hannah Collins, Iona McArdle

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What is prosperity cover

What is prosperity?

Authors: Henrietta L. Moore and Nikolay Mintchev

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Fintech wp cover

Fintech, remittances and migrants' prosperity: A systematic review and exploration of the Mexican case

Author: Silvia Velasco

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Evaluating Deliberative Democratic Designs wp cover

Evaluating Deliberative Democratic Designs: Theory of Change and Citizens' Assembly Pilot in Lebanon

Author: Michael Tan

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Citizen's Assembly working paper cover

A Pilot Citizens' Assembly on Electricity and Energy Justice in Hamra, Lebanon

Authors: Ala’a Shehabi, Muzna Al-Masri, Jessica Obeid, Marc Ayoub, Mayssa Jallad and Mariam Daher

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Ethnicity and prosperity working paper cover

Ethnicity and prosperity in east London: How racial inequalities impact experiences of the good life

Authors: Efrosini Charalambous, Elisabetta Pietrostefani Saffron Woodcraft

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Cover of Assembling Prosperity working paper

Assembling prosperity in a post-Covid United Kingdom: New approaches to levelling up

Authors: Henrietta L. Moore and Hannah Collins 

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Renewable energy working paper

Decentralised renewable energy: a pathway to prosperity for Lebanon?


Authors: Henrietta L. Moore, Hannah Collins, Diala Makki

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Universal Basic Prosperity working paper

Universal Basic Prosperity: Sustainable prosperity for the 21st century

Author: Andrew Percy

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Towards prosperity cover

Towards prosperity: Reinvigorating local economies through Universal Basic Services

Authors: Henrietta L. Moore and Hannah Collins

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Rethinking prosperity cover

Rethinking prosperity: Perspectives of young people living in East London

Authors: Hannah Sender, Mohammed Abdussamad Hannan, Luke Billingham, Jordan Isaacs, Daniel Occitti

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Finance, technology and displacement cover

Finance, technology & displacement: towards a research agenda

Authors: Lauren Martin and Christopher Harker

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Vulnerability cover

Vulnerability and Public Services in the Lebanese Context of Mass Displacement: a Literature Review

Prepared by: Hanna Baumann and Samar Kanafani

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ethnogrphic observation cover

Ambivalent Lines: Ethnographic Observation Of A Household Survey In Hamra, Beirut

Author: Soheila Shourbaji

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economy of belonging cover

Identifying and understanding local priorities for developing an 'Economy of Belonging': A case study of eight areas in the UK

Authors: Henrietta L. Moore, Juan M. Moreno, Georgios Melios

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Political cycles cover

How effective are political cycles in the UK in the micro-level? 

Author: Georgios Melios

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Europe in crisis cover

Europe in crisis: political trust, corruption, and austerity

Author: Georgios Melios 

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crypto currencies cover

Community Cryptocurrencies for Sustainable Prosperity: A case study of FairCoin

Author: Pritika Kasliwal

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lost in translation cover

Lost in Translation? An assessment of the SDGs as a basis for private sector action: A case study of palm oil 

Author: K. Tracey Campbell

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data audit cover

Data Audit: Requirements for Improving Measures and Outcome Indicators in Lebanon (2018)

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