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Prosperity Co-Labs Staff

Our staff and citizen scientists working on the three Prosperity Co-Labs (PROCOLs) in the UK, Lebanon and Kenya

Citizen Scientists in a workshop


Professor Henrietta L. Moore

Professor Henrietta L. Moore is the Founder and Director of the Institute for Global Prosperity and the Chair in Culture Philosophy and Design at University College London (UCL). A leading global thinker on prosperity Professor Moore challenges traditional economic models of growth arguing that to flourish communities, businesses and governments need to engage with diversity and work within environmental limits.

Dr Saffron Woodcraft

Saffron is the Executive Lead for ProCol UK. She has led the Institute’s work to develop a citizen-led Prosperity Index since 2015, which is now being adapted internationally. She manages the London Prosperity Board and IGP’s longitudinal study of prosperity in the UK. She leads the development of new multi-stakeholder collaborations and research project.

Benjamin Anderson 

Ben leads on data analysis and data management for IGP’s Prosperity Index metrics. He is leading research design for quantitive components of the Prosperity Index longitudinal study and co-ordinates the work of the London Prosperity Board.

Dr Christopher Harker

Chris is Associate Professor at the Institute for Global Prosperity, Director of the PhD programme in Global Prosperity and leads the Financing Prosperity Network. His current research examines spatial practices of debt and finance in Palestine and the UK. His published work advances a spatial conceptualisation of debt.

Andrew Percy

Andrew is the Co-Chair of the Social Prosperity Network at Institute for Global Prosperity. His research is focused on alternative and sustainable social security systems for the 21st century and on Universal Basic Services as a model.

Juan Manuel Moreno

Juan Manuel is a Research Fellow at the IGP. His current research examines how alternative, place-based and sustainable models to prosperity intersect with individuals lived experiences of exclusion and insecurity in the UK. This work is part of IGP’s PROCOL UK initiative, and more specifically the Developing an Economy of Belonging project, an ESRC-funded collaboration between the IGP and the Rebuilding Macroeconomics consortium.

Hannah Sender

Hannah is a Research Fellow at the Institute for Global Prosperity. Her research focuses on the relationship between adolescence, societal change and mental health. Hannah works with young people of different genders, nationalities, ethnicities, and with different abilities, in the UK and in Lebanon. She develops creative and collaborative methodologies to support young people to be researchers of their own lives and neighbourhoods.

James Shraiky

James is a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Global Prosperity. He leads the Young Euston Voices citizen science project, which is part of a collaboration with Camden Council and Lendlease to understand young peoples’s aspirations for a good life. James is a member of the RELIEF project, where is Ph.D. research reimagines refugee camps as spaces for prosperity where refugees can thrive beyond surviving. He has researched and implemented over 50 health, policy, education and design projects worldwide, in Congo, Rwanda, Australia, Poland, Syria, Turkey, and North America.

Silvia Velasco Arellano

Silvia is Research Assistant at the Institute for Global Prosperity. She is a member of the Young Euston Voices project. Silvia is developing a Prosperity Index Toolkit to document and share the process of working with citizen scientists and communities to rethink prosperity. Silvia has experience in social policy, in fields related to education, migration, health, labour and growth in Mexico.

Hannah Collins

Hannah works across various streams of the IGP. Alongside the PROCOL UK team she is exploring how local government can build in secure livelihoods thinking and framing to inclusive agendas to address the challenges of inequality and poverty. Her background is in social development, refugee integration and psychology.

Tony McKenzie

Tony has been a citizen scientist since 2015. He has lived and worked with young people in Newham for over 20 years. He now works in  housing in Hackney.  Tony is IGP’s lead citizen scientist - he helps to recruit, train and mentor the team, as well as leading research in Newham, and taking part in IGP’s teaching and summer schools. Tony is an avid adventurer, who has climbed Kilimanjaro, toured Cuba by cycle, and trekked in Patagonia.  He is passionate about giving a voice to the less heard.

Akbar Khan

Akbar has been a Bromley By Bow resident all his life. He is currently in his second year of studying for an Accounting and Finance degree. He works in the community as a trustee of Factory East Boxing Charity, which he describes as the place he first felt important in within his community. 

Ivy Tanzila

Ivy has lived in Tower Hamlets since birth. She is a career coach with over eight years’ experience working with young people, the homeless, single parents, people with physical/mental health difficulties, migrants and refugees, over 50s and individuals of all educational and skills backgrounds, working across a range of boroughs spanning London. As a result, she has a strong knowledge of the issues and barriers facing the local community in reaching prosperity. 

Miriam Chapman

Miriam moved to Tower Hamlets in September 2016 to take part in the Year Here Fellowship (postgraduate course in social innovation). As part of this she worked in the digital inclusion team at the Bromley by Bow Centre and helped to set up a community cafe in Hounslow. Alongside the Prosperous Communities project with UCL she is trying her hand at social entrepreneurship and hoping she can create her own community-centred job! 

Nesrin Yurtoglu

Nesrin has a background in social psychology and is actively involved in a wide range of local networks. She has a good knowledge of the needs and experiences of communities living in East London where she has been a resident for the last 20 years. She is passionate that everyone of all ages and backgrounds living in East London can make most of the regeneration and can access high quality services/facilities that meet their needs.

Sue Ansarie

Sue has worked on a number of research projects related to displacement and large social change within communities, including projects on the Aylesbury estate in Elephant and Castle, HS2, and working for Just Space. Her main interests are "social research, working class identities and (dis)empowerment, council estates, housing, planning, social policy, community dynamics, migration flows, displacement and social inequality."

Carrie Svinning

Born in Dagenham and living in Bethnal Green, Carrie has always been aware of the regeneration taking place in these areas and the resulting benefits and conflicts that have occurred. She has worked on projects to support the diversification of the creative and cultural workforce and has been involved in a UCL project to explore access points to employment within the ‘Olympicopolis’ regeneration. She also volunteers in her local area, from working with socially isolated older people to supporting community green-space regeneration.

Leila Lawal

Leila has spent the last eight years working within the London Borough of Newham where she gained experience helping vulnerable and disabled people to stay in control of their lives, developing training programs for health and social care professionals. She is on the board of her Aberfeldy Big Local, which aims to build a tight knit community.

Fatima Uddin

Fatima is currently in her first year at the University of the Arts London, studying Media Communications. She enjoys photography and has a project that compares different areas of London to East London.  She works with the London Prosperity Board in order to give a voice to marginalised communities.

PROCOL Lebanon

Professor Henrietta L. Moore

Professor Henrietta L. Moore is the Founder and Director of the Institute for Global Prosperity and the Chair in Culture Philosophy and Design at University College London (UCL). A leading global thinker on prosperity Professor Moore challenges traditional economic models of growth arguing that to flourish communities, businesses and governments need to engage with diversity and work within environmental limits. She is the lead academic on the ESRC-funded RELIEF Centre aiming to improve levels of prosperity in Lebanon, the country with the world’s largest number of refugees per capita.

Dr Ala'a Shehabi

Ala'a is responsible for the Data Management Strategy and IP Protocols of the RELIEF Centre. She oversees and supports the collation, analysis, management and visualisation of research data, sharing and dissemination of data between researchers in the UK and Lebanon. She has a PhD in Econometrics from Imperial College London and has worked in the modelling team at RAND Europe, and as a senior researcher at the Work Foundation, Lancaster University where she researched health needs of workers in Lebanon. She is also currently an ILO Migration Journalism Fellow.

Dr Andres Vicente

Andres is the RELIEF Centre administrator. He has a background in basic scientific research and management, and holds a PhD from University College London in Cell and Developmental Biology. He supports and coordinates all teams and initiatives involved with RELIEF.

Kae Ohene-Yeboah

Kae is the RELIEF Centre Impact and Communications Officer. She has a background in Gender, Criminology and Conflict Studies. She earned her MSc Women Peace and Security from the LSE and has previously worked in higher education including the Institute of Education and King’s College. She supports and coordinates all the impact and knowledge exchange initiatives involved with RELIEF.

Mariam Daher

Mariam is the RELIEF Project Coordinator. 

Ghadir Ghamrawi

Ghadir Ghamrawi is an urban designer and planner practitioner, and a researcher interested in sustainable processes in urban areas of middle-eastern region. She is passionate about investigating the newest planning approaches towards achieving sustainable development and environmental protection of urban areas, especially coastal zones such as: Integrated coastal zone management (ICZM) and global governance. She is highly motivated about implementing the findings of her research and urban theorized solutions on the ground for people’s well-being. This includes mapping, analyzing and defining the main urban difficulties facing city residents and their different needs. It includes as well the initiation of small-initiative projects for emerging urban problems' resolution. 

Amanie Majed

Amanie Majed holds a Master of Architecture (2013) and a Master of Urban planning (2015) from the Lebanese University of Beirut.  Since her graduation, Amanie has been working in different non-governmental organizations and private companies on several projects including architectural projects, conducting research and neighborhood profiling in urban settings, working with vulnerable communities, elaborating alternative visions and solutions, and others. Currently, she is working as a researcher at Nahnoo NGO leading on projects related to public spaces and community engagement all over Lebanon.

Diala Makki

Diala Makki holds a Master’s degree in Urban Planning and Policy from the American University of Beirut. She has been a researcher with the RELIEF Centre since April 2019, working on the ‘Prosperity in the age of mass displacement - Prosperity Index for Lebanon’ and the ‘Leverhume’ projects. Diala’s interests and research are primarily orientated around basic services and refugee studies; this includes power relations and their impact on decision making processes, knowledge production and self-help mechanisms in informal settlements in the global south, water resources, social and economic integration of refugees including informal adaptive mechanisms, planning theory, and political ecology.

Ralph Obeid

Ralph Obeid obtained his bachelor degree in Architecture from the Ramez G. Chagoury Faculty of Architecture, Arts and Design, NDU. An architect with a passion for urban design, research and spatial design, he always strives to the betterment of peoples lives in any way possible. A member of the BeBeirut initiative, a team made up of more than 40 architects working to rebuilding the houses affected by the port explosion, in addition to volunteering in different organizations i.e. the “Kan Ya Makan” initiative by CatalycticAction, Live love Beirut and more. Words to live by “Rebuild, Remodel, Renovate”.

Assia Al Harrache

Assia Al Harrache is a project coordinator at NAHNOO organization based in Beirut. She holds a Master’s degree in Interior Architecture from the Lebanese University. Her background includes one year of professional research experience at RELIEF Centre, in addition to her current role as a contributor in the intervention phase; Moreover, she had prior experience as a Façade architect at Envelopes and Special Structures, as an accountant and administrative assistant at Midan company s.a.r.l. and as an interior architect at Yassin Ceramic. She is also a calligraphy portraits artist; she draws this kind of portraits as a move to consecrate the Arabic Language, and as the face’s details always reflect the people’s characters.

Yara Younes

Yara Younes is an Architect and Urban Researcher. She participated in different research projects and Neighborhood Profiles with local and international organizations and institutes focusing on cities, prosperity, and the urban environment in Lebanon. She believes that working collaboratively with local communities is an asset to design interventions that meet their needs and engage them in creating a positive impact. In 2019, she launched with her colleagues “مشروع مساحة عامة” (Public Space Project) to reclaim urban public spaces and highlight their importance in the city.

Mohamad Makyes

Mohamad Makyes has 10 years’ experience working in different companies, NGOs and INGOs. He is founder of my plan and working as M&E Manager with hand organization. he was a citizen scientist with a RELIEF centre for more than 1 year. he is an Active citizen work to support People and make the impact around the world and achieve the SDGs. he is a Member in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Regional Network by UNESCO and Junior Chamber International (JCI).

Aya Ashram

Aya Ashram is a programmer who recently graduated from the Lebanese University with a Master’s degree in Management Information System. She has been able to promote significant, positive change in communities and individuals through advocacy, empowered by compassion. She enjoys Volunteering, Gardening, Photography, High-Risk Pursuits.

Abdulkarem Janki

Abdulkarem Janki is a local researcher experienced in community outreach and has previously worked with many local communities in North Lebanon. Future entrepreneur, expert fisherman and honey-maker. Abdulkarem is such a busy bee, one degree isn’t enough for his ambitions. He is currently completing his bachelor degree majoring in business administration at Southern New Hampshire University while pursuing a Superior Technician Diploma (T.S) majoring in accounting. For Abdulkarem, sky’s the limit, besides being our beloved local researcher, he is also volunteering with the Khier w Barakah initiative as an operation manager.

Alaa Fawaz Al Merheb

Alaa Fawaz Al Merheb is an Architect- Freelancer (Designer and 3D visualizer). She graduated from Beirut Arab University from the faculty of Architecture -RIBA part I.  She enjoys reading especially, historical, religious, and business books. Her favorite author in stories is Agatha Christie.  She does karate, swimming and Pilates.  She loves traveling around the world to learn and discover the countries’ cultures. Her passion in life is to add value where and when she is.

Ghassan El Bakri

Ghassan El Bakri, is an architect and craftsman, owner of “Atelier Bakri” an enterprise foscused on making sailing boats and ships miniatures.

Hiba Chaarani

Hiba Chaarani is a graphic designer from Tripoli-Lebanon, she creates identities and makes illustrations using new forms. She has worked with UNRWA in collaboration with MA-Shidiak company in Beirut, Lebanon. Hiba is really passionate and enthusiastic about Calligraphy and nature elements. She is also a freelance independent designer working and has been involved in designing and creating artwork for RELIEF Centre projects.

Mohammad Khalaf

Mohammad Khalaf has a degree in Law. Currently, he works as a citizen scientist in Relief Centre, in addition to his work as a facilitator at the Lebanese Relief Council. He aspires to opportunities where he can combine his education in law and build strong productive relations and strong experience in a productive work environment while fostering a culture of integrity.

Amina Saad

Amina Saad is an architect and engineer, she studied architectural engineering in Beirut Arab University and graduated in year 2018-2019. Her hobbies included Sketching, Photography, Basketball. She is passionate about the designing architectural projects of my own design, the benefit the people of Mina, Tripoli and Lebanon.

Sarah Badawiyeh

Sarah Badawiyeh was born in Beirut, raised in Mina where she received her bachelor’s degree in architectural engineering from Beirut Arab University, and her master’s degree in Construction management from Arizona State University. She had been working as an architect at different Engineering companies; besides, she had worked in the NGOs field where her main roles focused on planning, coordinating and conducting training in several local NGOs.

Sara Captan

Ms. Sara CAPTAN is Lebanese of nationality, was titular in 2006 a Master degree in “Sciences and Technologies of the Environment: Environmental Engineering”, at the Lebanese University. She has experience managing Geo-environmental projects for the Lebanese coastal zone. She also held several Environmental awareness projects in the Lebanese and African communities. She believes that maintaining the harmony between the physical, spiritual and mental state of a human being is the gateway to a balanced healthy person. Research Interests:The various use of remote sensing techniques in land and coastal zones management, Environmental management., Natural reserve management.

Maya Chalabi

Maya Chalabi is 25 years old. She is French Lebanese and lives with her family in El Mina. She works part time with her family and as a Citizen Scientist with RELIEF Centre. Her hobbies include travel, volunteering, community service, charity work, hiking, writing, music, painting and crafts and Cooking.

Muhammad Mahmoud Kanun

Muhammad Mahmoud Kanun was born in Tripoli, El Mina, is of Lebanese nationality and is 25 years old. He is a graduate of the Technical Educational Institute, and has a technical degree in management and organization. He currently work as a local researcher at RELIEF, and in internet data, in addition to other freelance work such as the furniture industry. His hobbies include video games and playing football.

Heba Haji

Heba Haji is an artist, a designer, a dreamer and a keen observer. She is passionate about art, architecture and. She is keen to explore places, architecture, technology and innovative things. She is a passionate about art and architecture and being a RELIEF citizen scientist allows her gather hands-on experience to improve her skills and knowledge.

Houda Kabbara

Houda Kabbara holds a Masters in Architecture in urban and Heritage conservation from BAU, was awarded BAU excellence to attend Algorithm summer school At sapienza University in Rome 2016. Photographer and Digital artist at Tripolicy Journal.

Mahmoud Sleiman

Mahmoud Sleiman is a 27 years old architect and landscape architect, he has many years of experience in various fields of Architecture, Landscape and Urban Design. He is passionate about doing his job and facing challenges at work because this makes it more exciting. Confucius said: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” His hobbies include outdoor activities such as hiking, camping and spending time with friends and spending time on his laptop 3D modeling and rendering, designing and map-making (cartography), watching movies and playing video.

Taha Mersalli

Taha Mersalli graduated from Beirut Arab University in 2017 with a Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. He has been working as a Math teacher for the past three years. He always seeks after expanding his knowledge and getting new experiences. In his free time, he loves being outdoors, hiking and on camping trips. He also loves reading and playing chess.

Sajida Mubarak

Sajida Mubarak is a 21 year old drawing artist. She has participated in several drawing exhibitions. She has studied  Graphic Design, Information Technology, entrepreneurship, photography and montage, sales marketing. She I volunteers with the UNHCR and was a Local researcher in 2019 with UNESCO.

Bassem Zawdeh

Bassem Zawdeh, a Lebanese born in 1994 in Tripoli Lebanon. He earned a bachelor’s degree in architecture in 2016. He worked for 3 year in an engineering firm and is currently doing master’s in restoration of historical building. He is also an Islamic art and calligraphy artist and a part time tour guide in his hometown.

Ziad Hayek

Ziad Hayek is an accomplished IT professional with over 20 years commercial experience in Lebanon and abroad. Currently an MIS instructor at LIU, and Citizen Scientist with RELIEF. Zaid is an energetic individual with the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to make a positive impact on the progress of projects. Possessing an open mind and determined attitude he can motivate and inspire others to succeed. He loves to help others and to volunteer when he can. He co-founded "BilArabi Lessons Tripoli", Teaching Arabic for Non-Native Speakers in Lebanon. Besides hiking, he recently discovered a new passion towards board games, so he started building a board games community in Tripoli and organizing weekly events; something that he looks forward to every week.

Amro Al-Mays

Amro Al-Mays (24 years old, Lebanese) has lived in Bar Elias since he was born. He is a lawyer with a Master’s degree in Law from the Lebanese University. He wants his knowledge of the laws and regulations to benefit the people of Bar Elias.

Nour Hamadi

Nour Hamadi (21 years old, Lebanese) has lived in Bar Elias since she was born. She is studying English Literature at the Lebanese University. She is interested in understanding more about the needs of young people in her town and come up with solutions.

Mehdi Al Homsi

Mehdi Al Homsi (29 years old, Syrian) has lived in Bar Elias for the past 6 years. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences from the Lebanese University. He wants to use and improve his expertise and practice of social sciences. He also hopes to understand the different communities living in Bar Elias.

Ali Al-Rhayel

Ali Al-Rhayel (26 years old, Palestinian) has lived in Bar Elias since he was one year old. He has a Bachelor’s degree in anthropology and is currently enrolled in a Master’s program in Social sciences at the Lebanese University. He wants to improve his skills and knowledge in order to contribute to Bar Elias development and infrastructures.

Maysam Salah

Maysam Salah (31 years old, Syrian) has lived in Bar Elias for the past 3 years. She is a lawyer in Syria and works as a teacher in a school in Bar Elias. She wants to acquire new skills and engage in activities that would support Bar Elias and its host community as a whole.

Moayad Hamdallah

Moayad Hamdallah (44 years old, Palestinian) has lived in Bar Elias since he was born. He has worked as accountant and trader. He wants to learn how to build a prosperous future that is inclusive to all local communities who are affected by mass displacement. He also wants to learn how to improve the town, focusing on services, education and economy.

Asmaa Al-Hajj Khalil

Asmaa Al-Hajj Khalil (19 years old, Palestinian) has lived in Bar Elias since she was born. She is studying Social Sciences at the Lebanese University. She wants to gain experience and be equipped to enter the work field after graduation.


Professor Henrietta L. Moore

Professor Henrietta L. Moore is the Founder and Director of the Institute for Global Prosperity and the Chair in Culture Philosophy and Design at University College London (UCL). A leading global thinker on prosperity Professor Moore challenges traditional economic models of growth arguing that to flourish communities, businesses and governments need to engage with diversity and work within environmental limits.

Professor Jacqueline McGlade

Professor Jacqueline McGlade is a Professor of Resilience and Sustainable Development at UCL’s Institute for Global Prosperity and Faculty of Engineering and Professor of Public Policy and Governance at Strathmore University Business School. A distinguished and respected scientist she has served as Chief Scientist at the UN’s Environment Programme in Nairobi from 2014-2017 and the Executive Director of the European Environment Agency between 2003 and 2013.

Dr. Kapyas Wilson Kipkore

Dr. Kapyas Wilson Kipkore is a Senior Lecturer and manager in natural resource management. He has over 28 years experience teaching at the School of Natural Resource Management, Department of Forestry and Wood Science University of Eldoret, Kenya. Dr. Kipkore’s has experience working for leading East African environmental NGOs and as the Chief Executive Permanent Presidential Commission on Soil Conservation and Afforestation Kenyan government.

Dr Matthew Davies

Dr Matthew Davies is Associate Professor at the Institute for Global Prosperity and Leads the Institute’s Teaching Programmes. His research examines a range of issues around prosperity, society and environment; particularly questions of management of landscapes, ecological diversity, climate, sustainability and resilience. Dr Davies was formerly Assistant Director of the British Institute in Eastern Africa.

Mr. Humphrey Mathenge

Mr. Humphrey Mathenge is the Managerial Consultant for PROCOL Kenya. He has over 20 years of experience in financial management, administration and human resource. His main duty is coordination of financial and logistical aspects of multiple research grants awarded to PROCOL Kenya. Humphrey will also assist in the coordination of PROCOL Kenya events in Nairobi.

Ms Helena Chepto

Ms Helena Chepto is Assistant Director of the Marakwet Research Station and has worked on a variety of research projects involving citizen science in Marakwet over the last decade. She has particular experience in ethnographic and interview techniques and on translation. She holds a wealth of local information on everything from history to crop varieties. Helena is also a successful local business woman and busy mother.

Mr Timothy Kipkeu Kipruto

Mr Timothy Kipkeu Kipruto is Director of the Marakwet Research Station and Chief Citizen Scientist. Timothy is a trained forester with over a decade of experience working on anthropological research in Marakwet. Timothy is a focal point for the day-to-day operations of the landscape mapping team as well as a major contributor to project design. Timothy is a local resident of Elgeyo-Marakwet County and a keen farmer.

Ms Eve Njau

Research Associate and Climate Scenario Modeler. Eve’s role comprises valuation of ecosystems and trade-offs, creating the underpinning GIS databases all which inform land-use or management decisions and cross-sectoral policies. A trained environmental engineer and climate scientist, she also has prior experience in natural resources management and engineering in a project management capacity.

Mr David Leyian

Network Manager at PROCOL Kenya. His main roles include providing support in establishing the network activities including; workshops, co-labs, knowledge networks, round-tables, demonstration and outreach events. Leyian is a computer professional with experience in programming, Data Science and AI/Machine Learning. Inspired by the rapid change he’s witnessed in his home county of Narok, his focus has been on smart, data driven approaches to conservation and wildlife management. Needless to say, he loves wildlife.

Mr Solomon Ole Ntaiyia

Resident of Narok County with vast experience in different fields and community work. A self-starter in computing and an IT enthusiast, he holds a Diploma in Marketing.

Currently working with PROCOL in organising communities around the Mau and Mara region.

Mr Nelson K Bailengo

Mr Bailengo is a resident of Sibow village in tot Elgeyo Marakwet county. He has been working at the BIEA as a research assistant or (community scientist) in tot research station since 2013.

His main duties include: data collection, assisting students and BIEA staff visiting tot research station, mapping of households in Sibow village, collecting and identifying indigenous medicinal trees and plants, recording of Marakwet traditional songs, interpretation, translation.

Mr Noah Kiplagat

Noah works in Elgeiyo Marakwet County. He assists with mapping of water burrows and mapping of rituals and ceremonial sites. Most recently, he has been working at Iten on farming issues.

Mr Joseph Kimutai Cheptorus

Joseph works as a research assistant and Community Scientist within the Sengwer minority community and Kacheseger village in Kenya. He is also involved in prosperity innovation by interviewing individual farmers, and assists with hosting focus groups discussion.

Mr Andrew Kibet Yano

Andrew is originally from Elgeyo Marakwet and has been working with PROCOL Kenya since 2017. He carries out research in extreme citizes science (Exites) and focuses on small scale farmers around Iten.