UCL Institute for Global Prosperity


Marakwet Research Station

The Marakwet Research Station is situated in Tot-Sibou Village in the Kerio Valley, northwest Kenya.

After longstanding research led by Professor Henrietta Moore and Dr Matthew Davies, it’s now at the centre of the IGP’s work in the area. All work is conducted with the Marakwet community.

The Marakwet research team are highly experienced in interview and oral historical research, audio recording, photography and filming, GPS mapping, and translation and transcription.

They have worked independently on a wide range of topics, including:

  • mapping of landscape features (field systems, land-tenure, irrigation features)
  • issues of cropping and farming practice
  • mapping of social and ceremonial landscapes
  • recording oral histories, ceremonies and public events
  • recording political events and speeches
  • surveys of market trends
  • arrangement of interviews and focus groups.

Timothy Kipkeu (Director) and Helena Cheptoo (Assistant Director) run the station.