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Institute Director

Professor Henrietta Moore is Director of the Institute for Global Prosperity and holds the Chair in Culture, Philosophy and Design.

Professor Henrietta L. Moore is the Director of the Institute for Global Prosperity at UCL, where she also holds the Chair in Culture, Philosophy and Design. A distinguished anthropologist and cultural theorist, she has focused her recent work on the notion of global sustainable futures.

By rethinking how knowledge is produced, challenging current economic models, and identifying social and political dynamics, Professor Moore's approach places notions of wellbeing, institutional change, citizenship, and social justice at the focal point of her research.

She is actively involved in the application of social science insights to policy at all levels, and is committed to involving grassroots communities in the production of new types of knowledge through 'citizen science'. Professor Moore retains an ongoing interest in issues of globalisation, gender, social transformation and livelihood strategies, as well as the relationship between self-imagining and democratic political decision-making.

She has a continuing long-term research engagement with Africa, where she has worked closely with local communities for over thirty years.

Professor Moore is Chair and co-founder of SHM Productions, a research and strategy consultancy using academic insights to boost innovation in the public and private sectors, and a founding trustee of the SHM Foundation, which works globally for positive social change in learning, citizenship, health and the arts.

She was formerly William Wyse Chair of Social Anthropology at the University of Cambridge, the LSE Deputy Director for research and external relations, and Director of the Gender Institute at the LSE from 1994-1999. She is a trustee of the Barbican Centre Trust, supporting arts and learning programmes across East London. She is a Fellow of the British Academy, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, an Academician of the Learned Societies for the Social Sciences, and a Member of the Institute of Directors.

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