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About Counterpoint

Counterpoint is a new kind of research consultancy that wants to move from mitigating risk to successfully managing radical uncertainty. They focus on ‘the hidden wiring’ of societies: the deep cultural and social dynamics that shape political and market risk.

Based in London, the organisation works globally on some of the most complex contemporary phenomena from populist politics to climate change. It advises public and private sectors on issues of major political and strategic relevance on the basis of its cutting-edge research.

Counterpoint brings together anthropologists, psychologists and political scientists to understand the roots of behaviour and the contexts that shape them.

Armed with an understanding that goes beyond traditional conversations, focus groups and polls, Counterpoint connects actors and decision-makers from the grass-roots to the highest levels of decision-making.

About Dr Catherine Fieschi, Director

Catherine Fieschi is Director of Counterpoint. After 10 years as an academic, she moved into policy, first as director of the London-based think tank Demos and then at the helm of the think tank of the British Council. In 2011, she founded Counterpoint.

Catherine holds a PhD in Comparative Politics from McGill University. She’s the author of In the Shadow of Democracy. She has advised governments, businesses and foundations on aspects of risk, strategy and policy. Catherine is also:

  • founder of the mentoring scheme 50ft Women
  • a Fellow of the Department of Government at the London School of Economics
  • a trustee of the policy think tank IARS and The Creative Society
  • a regular contributor to radio and television debates.