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'Sharing Prosperity' exhibition hits over 200,000 visits

25 June 2024

'Sharing Prosperity' a new gaming experience about shared solidarity with the planet is touring globally as part of Barbican's Our Time on Earth exhibit welcoming so far over 200,000 visitors

gaming experience

After welcoming 58,559 audience members at the Barbican Centre in London, UK, in 2022, and 99,274 visitors at the Musée de la Civilisation in Quebec City, Canada, in 2023, the exhibition ‘Sharing Prosperity’ part of the Barbican’s Our Time on Earth larger showcase of innovative solutions to the climate emergency welcomed 46,459 visitors at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, USA. This brings the total number of visitors throughout the tour to date to 204,295.

The emotional and interactive new gaming experience, ‘Sharing Prosperity’ was created by the Institute for Global Prosperity in collaboration with art direction from studio DVTK, and explores how the relational economy could look and feel in 2040. 

We humans currently extract Earth’s limited natural resources and distribute them unequally. Current economic systems encourage the idea that nature is separate from us and is a free resource for us to exploit. However, as we know from our research at the IGP, a different approach needs to be considered that builds on positive connections which enables us to appreciate and value all aspects of our living planet. A world where human, planetary health, and well-being are intertwined.

In the game, users are able to explore how the planet could flourish through means of radical solidarity, innovative collaboration and shared wealth across all species. Choosing from seven abstract characters of nature (such as a tree, a river, a mountain, or perhaps a glacier), players explore an immersive world where they collect resources whilst learning facts about their properties, to create a balanced solidarity chain.

Tackling climate change, biodiversity loss, toxic environments, conflict and inequality, calls for a systemic and transformative change, embodying the work of the IGP. Sharing Prosperity challenges users to consider what these transformations might look like, engaging in a new currency that redesigns shared prosperity through the relational economy across all species.

The exhibition will continue to tour globally.