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RELIEF Centre launch the first-ever Citizens' Assembly on electricity in Hamra, Lebanon

27 October 2020

The RELIEF Centre has launched a Citizens' Assembly on Electricity in Lebanon.

Citizen's Assembly

On October 23rd 2020, thirty-six residents of Hamra, Lebanon, gathered to learn, deliberate and imagine a path to energy justice in Lebanon.

The recent devastating explosion in the port of Beirut, as well as destroying lives, homes, livelihoods and dreams, has propelled Lebanon into a more profound political and economic abyss. As with many other public services, electricity is a crucial sector that needs deep reforms to be able to meet the energy demands of the country.

Under difficult conditions in Lebanon and the challenges of public gathering in these pandemic times, a pilot of the first Citizens Assembly launched with its first session last Friday, October 23rd. The physical meeting took place under several adaptation measures, including a reduction in the number of members from 50 to 33, covid-screening, social distancing, mask-wearing. The sessions were reduced to two hours spread over three days, as well as a digital engagement with presentations and material in the interim periods between each session to reduce the need for overall face to face contact.

During the first session of the Citizens Assembly on energy justice, expert speakers faced challenging and insightful questions from 33 members of the public selected to represent the Hamra neighbourhood population.

The Citizens Assembly runs until the Saturday, October 31st. Check out the RELIEF website for videos and updates from all sessions.

Watch Session 1 of the CA (ARABIC)

Find out more about the Citizens' Assembly on the RELIEF website