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'The Case for Making Food, Shelter and Public Transport Free for Everyone' IGP's UBS covered in Vice

26 September 2019

The Institute for Global Prosperity speaks to Vice about Universal Basic Services and ideas for rethinking welfare provision in the UK.


Photo credit: An attendee at a Food Cycle in Finsbury Park, North London, photo courtesy Food Cycle. 

'"The biggest barrier we're up against is trying to combat a mindset which, in the last two decades of the 20th centuty, became very individualistic. The idea, generally speaking, was that economics helped us achieve a competitive advantage in a world of unlimited resources. In the 21st century, it's actually a matter of mutual survival in a context of limited resources." (Andrew Percy - Co-Director of the IGP's Social Prosperity Network with Professor Henrietta Moore). 

Of all their proposals, Percy says that people find the idea of free meals the strangest. "Most people's immediate reaction is to think of it like a food bank with trays of tinned food or something like a Victorian soup kitchen. We have to tell people, 'No, open your minds a bit more, use your imagination.'

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