UCL Institute for Global Prosperity


Offering a new focus on pathways to prosperity in Africa: the launch of PROCOL Kenya

4 November 2019

On Thursday 14th November the Institute for Global Prosperity formally launched its Prosperity Co-Lab (PROCOL) Kenya in Nairobi, Kenya

A group of people at a market in Kenya

A team of colleagues from the Institute for Global Prosperity (IGP) joined other staff in Nairobi, Kenya in November to formally launch its Prosperity Co-Lab (PROCOL) Kenya. The event was led by staff in Nairobi who lead on PROCOL Kenya, with leading researchers and thinkers from the UK, Africa and Kenya in attendance. 

The event

The day consisted of talks, panel discussions and participant interactions from Professor Henrietta Moore (Founder and Director of the IGP), Professor Jacqueline McGlade (PROCOL Kenya and Strathmore University), and Dr Matt Davies (Institute for Global Prosperity) amongst others. The main topics under discussion were:

  • Building a New Prosperity Index for Kenya
  • Kenya's Natural Capital and Climate Smart Land Use
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Future
  • Fast Forward 2030 Kenya


Building on the IGP's highly acclaimed research at University College London, PROCOL Kenya will help shape a new understanding of prosperity by looking more deeply at Natural Prosperity and the importance of social networks. This sees sustainable development as a regenerative process for the planet and future generations, not simply living within the planet's limits. A way of living that can help communities and nations prosper whilst tackling persistent inequalities, unemployment, the enormous environmental challenges of climate change and pollution, and the long-term devastating consequences of intensive agriculture on human and ecosystem health. 

Looking ahead to the challenges our contintent faces, notably climate change, loss of ecosystem resilience, urbanisation and the future of work, it is clear that a new, sustainable vision of what it means to be prosperous will be needed. While Kenya embodies many of the challenges faced across sub-Saharan Africa, we also see it as a hub of innovation and inspiration that is fostering African solutions to global problems.