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IGP Director Henrietta Moore is interviewed about her BBC World Service Podcast for #Bartlett100

13 March 2019

Since 2016 the IGP has partnered with the BBC World Service to provide the research for its award-winning radio series exploring policies from around the world that achieve inclusive and sustainable prosperity. Prof. Henrietta Moore is interviewed about this work for #Bartlett100


In May 2016, the BBC recorded a special episode of its award-winning radio programme, My Perfect Country, at a session of the United Nations in New York. 

Broadcast two months later, the episode included contributions by UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and people who had instigated groundbreaking economic and social projects in India, Uganda, Estonia and Costa Rica, alongside its regular hosts - broadcaster and journalist Fi Glover, entrepreneur and philanthropist Martha Lane Fox, and Henrietta Moore, Director of the Bartlett's Institute for Global Prosperity (IGP).

The show's position on the World Service schedule meant it was already reaching millions of people around the world, but this event placed it at the heart of the global conversation about social and economic policy as the UN began to implement its 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

From curbing smoking in Australia, to tackling water shortage in Bermuda, the programme uses this list of targets as a springboard to examine issues of global significance, looking at specific pioneering initiatives and bringing in voices of people working to implement change, rather than just remotely placed policy-makers.

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