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The RELIEF Centre launches new MOOC: "Transforming Education in Challenging Environments"

14 June 2019

Researchers from the Future Education research team of the RELIEF Centre have launched a new MOOC: "Transforming Education in Challenging Environments"


Researchers from the RELIEF Centre have released a new MOOC, "Transforming Education in Challenging Environments" on Future Learn (English) and Edraak (Arabic). Registration is now open for this course, which will begin on 24th June 2019 and is free. 

The Course
Teachers play an important role in supporting vulnerable children affected by mass displacement, crisis, and conflict. Refugee children may also be victims of violence and other issues that impact their emotional wellbeing and ability to learn. Teachers need to be prepared to deal with these difficulties.

This MOOC aims to support the many teachers working in challenging circumstances with vulnerable children by providing a place to share experience and expertise. Through this MOOC, teachers, trainers and volunteers will be able to discover the practical ways they can transform the education of children and young people living in conflict-affected contexts. The course includes video case studies showing how teachers in some of the most challenging environments have transformed their approaches to teaching, and is a social learning process, with short videos, activities, discussions and knowledge exchange for participants. 

This course is ideal for teachers in areas affected by mass displacement who work in both formal and informal educational settings. It will also be of interest to teachers who are themselves refugees, students studying education, and volunteers who work humanitarian agencies in education. You will learn how teachers can make a difference to children from challenging contexts, and discover how to transform learning spaces and educational practices. You'll also be able to share your teaching methods and real experiences of teaching in crises with other educators.

Sign up at FutureLearn (English)
Sign up at Edraak (Arabic)

The RELIEF Centre
The RELIEF Centre is a transdisciplinary research collaboration that focuses on one of the world's pressing challenges of the moment: how to build a prosperous and inclusive future for communities affected by mass displacement. 

The RELIEF Centre's research focuses on how we can measure prosperity and growth in Lebanon, moving beyond indices like GDP to include measures of wellbeing, health, employment and education. 

It is led by the Institute for Global Prosperity at UCL, in collaboration with departments in University College London, American University of Beirut and the Centre for Lebanese Studies. 

The Future Education team works on co-designing the appropriate education and learning opportunities for communities impacted by mass displacement. This research theme works with local academics, policy makers, teachers, teacher-educators and community members to design and embed scaled up online and blended learning to address pressing educational and training needs.