UCL Institute for Global Prosperity


Juan Manuel Moreno

Research Fellow

Research Summary

Juan Manuel's current research examines how alternative, place-based and sustainable models to prosperity intersect with individuals lived experiences of exclusion and insecurity in the UK. This work is part of IGP’s PROCOL UK initiative, and more specifically two projects: the Developing an Economy of Belonging project, an ESRC-funded collaboration between the IGP, and the Rebuilding Macroeconomics consortium. He is also working on a project that explores the role of the Arts and Humanities in re-imagining and practising care-full economies, this, within the context of critical issues of insecurity, racial inequality, socio-economic exclusion, and climate change. This work is part of IGP’s contribution to the European Research Hub of the World Humanities Report project, funded by the Volkswagen Foundation.

Prior to joining the IGP, Juan Manuel worked as a Visiting Researcher at Fudan University in Shanghai, China, where he led community-university collaborative work on capacity development in rural Yunnan. Between 2017-19, he worked as a Research Officer at the Values in Sustainability Research Group at the University of Brighton, and as Research Manager for an international NGO engaged in disaster risk reduction and response.

Juan Manuel holds a MA in Contemporary European Studies and a BA in History from the University of Sussex and has published research and carried out interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral community engagement work with organisations in the UK, Spain, China, Hong Kong, the Caribbean and Nepal. In his spare time, Juan Manuel draws cartoons, reads Sci-Fi books, plays football and chess, and practices Aikido.


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