UCL Institute for Global Prosperity


Hannah Sender

Research Fellow


Hannah’s current research focuses on the relationship between adolescence, societal change and mental health. She is interested in how changes in urban areas affect adolescents’ everyday lives, subjectivities and futures. Hannah works with young people of different genders, nationalities, ethnicities and with different abilities, in Lebanon and the UK. She develops creative and collaborative methodologies which support young people to be researchers of their own lives and neighbourhoods.

In her written work, Hannah has focused on theories of space, place and subjectivity from the global South and particularly the MENA region. Hannah is contributing to theoretical work which broadens understandings of ‘displacement’, and focuses on the concept of ‘displacement in place’. She is interested in how these theories relate to the everyday lives of adolescents living in non-primary urban areas.

Hannah has a background in the Humanities and the Arts, enjoys developing her own creative practice and has been learning Levantine Arabic.