UCL Institute for Global Prosperity


George Melios

Research Fellow

Research Summary

George has completed a PhD in Economics and his research focuses on topics of applied political economy, institutions and development. He studies trust, corruption, legacies of violence and migration. At the IGP, his work is related to the RELIEF Centre and the Rebuilding Macroeconomics project.

Currently George’s research focuses on two main areas. At first, he is developing a novel indicator that measures prosperity (The Prosperity Index) in various contexts including Lebanon, Kenya, Tanzania and the UK. Simultaneously, George is working on multiple empirical research projects that focus on the interrelation of micro-meso-macro institutions and policies and citizens’ lived experiences.

Prior to UCL, George was a Research Associate at NYU Abu Dhabi (off campus) and a visiting researcher at the Department of Political Sciences at Yale University. He has completed a PhD in Economics at Swansea University (jointly with Cardiff University), an M.Sc. in Financial Economics at Cardiff Business School and a B.Sc. in Economics and Regional Development at Panteion University. Currently, he is also the co-founder and Managing Director of Ethos Lab, a private research centre in Greece that focuses on research related to governance and sustainability. In addition to that, he serves as an external senior research advisor at KMOP Social Action and Innovation Centre, a Greek NGO with important policy contributions.