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Women, Life, Freedom: Iran Uprising & Its International Impact

07 October 2022, 4:15 pm–6:00 pm

Women, Life, Freedom

A roundtable hosted by the TAKHAYYUL project to discuss on-going Mahsa Amini protests in Iran and their international impact.

This event is free.

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Mahsa Amini's death in the custody of the hijab police in Iran became a code name for a protest movement with the slogan "woman, life, freedom". The scale and strength of the movement are unprecedented, despite the massive crackdown. In this conversation, participants explain the causes of this movement and examine its international impact.

Chair: Dr Sertaç Sehlikoglu


  • Dr Fatemeh Sadeghi (UCL, IGP, Takhayyul Research Fellow – on Iran)
  • Dr Yuan He (UCL, IGP – on China)
  • Dr Sumrin Kalia (UCL, IGP, Takhayyul Research Fellow – on Pakistan)
  • Dr Ala’a Shehabi (UCL – on UK and Bahrain)
  • Ms Rumeysa Camlibel (Researcher and Activist -on Turkey)
  • Anonymous Scholar on India

This roundtable is organized by the TAKHAYYUL project.

Watch the livestream on Youtube:


TAKHAYYUL is a collaborative research project that will ethnographically excavate the imaginative forces in the formation of populist religious aspirations in the interconnected geographies recently coined as the Balkan-to-Bengal complex - namely the Balkans, the Middle East, and South Asia.

Such political aspirations provide its followers with a wide range of historical references, religious cosmologies, nationalist feelings and other affective and imaginative registers; this is best represented by the concept of takhayyul (a theory of imagination).

The Institute for Global Prosperity’s ERC-funded TAKHAYYUL project will develop an extensive and comparative formulation of the concept to set the basis for an anthropology of imagination and expand anthropological knowledge on religious politics by exploring the historical, ethical and aesthetic aspects. This project seeks to contribute to global prosperity by offering a fresh perspective that does not reproduce the tropes on irrationality. Instead, it is designed to provide a sound theoretical ground upon which to delineate the ways populist forms of religious politics forge imaginative landscapes beyond the borders of nation-states.

Project website: https://www.takhayyulproject.com/
Project lead: Dr Sertaç Sehlikoglu
Project team: Dr Fatemeh Sadeghi,  Dr Sumrin Kalia,  Dr Mezna Qato, Dr James Caron, and Dr Layli Uddin.