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Fast Forward 2030: Can entrepreneurs help create safe, sustainable and resilient cities?

26 November 2019, 7:00 pm–9:30 pm

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This November we are focusing on SDG 11 which calls on us to 'make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable'. Join us to hear from leading entrepreneurs making SDG11 a reality.

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This November we are focusing on SDG 11 which calls on us to 'make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable'.

A better world depends upon our ability to generate new ideas and build new systems that can better channel human, social and financial efforts towards the SDGs. Entrepreneurs are essential to this. They are key to creating the innovations that will enable us to go beyond and reach the SDGs with the resources we have.

Every other month, we bring together aspiring entrepreneurs, founders, investors, sustainability professionals and students to consider the role entrepreneurs play in meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In this event we ask what entrepreneurs can do to bring this vision to life in their own cities and across the world.


Freddie Talberg (CEO and Co-Founder of EMSOL)

Freddie Talberg is an experienced founder and entrepreneur, with a long history of establishing and scaling businesses across the technology sector. These include in transport, smart cities, and mapping (his previous companies include Pie Mapping, Monnet Ltd., and BT).

EMSOL is tackling London's air pollution crisis by empowering organizations to take specific actions for improving the quality of the local environment. This is through targeted air and noise pollution identification which benefits the communities our customers operate in.

Isabel Allen (Founder and Editor of Citizen Magazine)

Citizen Magazine is a new quarterly published by the London School of Architecture for everybody engaged in the challenge of creating the sustainable cities of the future. The magazine is put together by a team of highly-experienced and award-winning editors, journalists and designers with contributions from leaders at the forefront of policy, finance, development, architecture, urbanism and academia. The aim is to connect different areas of thought and knowledge to produce holistic solutions to the issues that impact on the quality of urban life.

Before Citizen, Isabel Allen was Editor at the Architects’ Journal (1999-2007), a member of the Stirling Prize jury for four consecutive years and launched HAB Housing winning several awards for sustainability, landscape and architecture. Between 2007 and 2010 she was Head of Communications for Design for London, Ken Livingstone’s Design and Architecture Unit. She is currently Creative Director of the London pavilion at the Seoul Biennale 2019. Isabel is an Honorary Fellow of the RIBA.

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Your ticket includes:

· A great talk and Q&A session from our guest speakers

· Networking and chatting with speakers, and the board members of Fast Forward 2030

· Free ethical & sustainably sourced drinks and canapés from Elsyia Catering & Toast Ale


About Fast Forward 2030

Fast Forward 2030 is a network and platform of entrepreneurs who believe that in order to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), entrepreneurs need to incorporate them into their business models.

Why the UN SDGs?

They are the first comprehensive plan for the whole of humanity to flourish within the means of the planet. This makes them a good framework for people who want to have an impact.

They also set a direct challenge to the private sector by insisting that the environmental and social impact of the way we do business can no longer be an afterthought. They need to be at the very heart of how, and why our economies and businesses function. Fast Forward 2030 exists to encourage and inspire businesses that embody this.


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