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CANCELLED - Director's Seminar: Cities Come a Walkin'

28 November 2019, 4:00 pm–6:00 pm


As a result of UCU industrial strike action the Institute for Global Prosperity has regretfully decided not to hold the Director’s Seminar on November 28. We hope to host Professor Stanley for a talk in the future.

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CANCELLED - Director's Seminar: Cities Come a Walkin'

We regretfully inform you that as a result of University and College Union industrial strike action the Institute for Global Prosperity has decided to cancel the upcoming Director’s Seminar: Cities Come a Walkin’: City Moving, Moving Cities, and Displacing Displacement on November 28th with Dr. Bruce Stanley. We hope to host Dr. Stanley for a talk in the near future.

Our next Director's Seminar will take place on December 12th. Please join us.

About this Seminar
Mobile cities, cities moving, and cities ‘out of place’ has always been a theme of the urban imaginary, of future studies, and in our science fiction. Yet, in a world order where urban assemblages are placed, displaced, replaced, and displaced again by sovereigntist violence and the hegemonic socio-political statist logics of social control which shape urban policies, mobility and displacement are to be feared and controlled. What happens to our practices and policies if we rethink mobility in our contemporary urban world from a different logic, reimagining the urban as assemblages of assemblages, relational heterogeneous wholes that are contingent and mobile in the everyday? Does ‘thinking the city’ as precarious mobile assemblages reshape our approach to ‘displacement’? Might it encourage worlding alternative global orders beyond the punitive city and the carceral spatial logics which currently dominate the social control of urban mobility?

The Speaker
Dr Bruce Stanley
Richmond University

Bruce Stanley is a specialist in International Relations, global cities, political risk and Middle East political economy. He is currently an Adjunct Professor in International Relations at Richmond the American International University in London where he teaches Security Studies, Conflict Resolution, and Politics of the Middle East. He has served as a consultant to the EU, USAID, the Quakers and with various NGO donors across the Middle East; was Country Director for AMIDEAST in the West Bank and Gaza; was a Research Fellow at the Regional Centre for Conflict Prevention in Jordan; and has served on the boards of a number of INGOs. He has taught in the undergraduate and postgraduate Politics and IR programmes at SOAS, the University of Exeter, Syracuse University, Rhodes College, the University of Pennsylvania, and for Queen’s University (Canada). He has written on issues of conflict resolution, social movements, and urban resilience, and is currently finishing a book on ‘Middle East City Networks’.