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Greater London National Park City

The Greater London National Park City's (GLNPC) vision is to promote an appreciation and understanding of the green and blue spaces that make up over 48% of Greater London’s land.

Radical geographer Daniel Raven-Ellision launched the campaign in 2014 and it has since grown into a movement. It’s supported by the Greater London Authority and 347 people and organisations.

The GLNPC committee have established a set of green goals, including:

  • connecting 100% of children to green space
  • ensuring that 100% of Londoners can engage with green space easily
  • improving London’s biodiversity.

The IGP gathered a working group of postdoctoral researchers to co-develop a set of actions and recommended practices for the GLNPC to help them deliver their vision in a responsible and innovative way.

Read the final report, written by Professor Henrietta Moore, Dr Konrad Miciukiewicz and Hannah Sender.

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