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Will you be a heritage scientist, heritage manager or data scientist?

Applications are now open for our three new specialist routes for Built Environment: Sustainable Heritage MSc. Discover what each route has to offer.

We're pleased to announce three new routes for Built Environment: Sustinable Heritage MSc, in Heritage ScienceHeritage Management, and Data Science. Each route will train future heritage leaders in core heritage principles and values, whilst developing their specialist expertise in their chosen route. We have worked with leaders across the heritage sector, policy and industry to ensure the new routes fulfil the skills expertise needed across the heritage sector and beyond.

Get and overview of what each route has to offer.

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Heritage Science

People working in the Institute for Sustainable Heritage's laboratory in Gordon Street

Heritage Science is an expanding interdisciplinary field, requiring professionals that have both technical and scientific skills and an understanding of the heritage sector. The Heritage Science route of the Sustainable Heritage MSc will provide you with access to a wide range of state-of-the-art scientific facilities and labs, teach you new analytical methods and give you the opportunity to address fascinating research questions within heritage science.  
Crucially, this route will situate this scientific learning firmly in the context of the realities of the heritage sector. Students will have access to real heritage sites, opportunities to engage with experienced practitioners from the heritage sector and the ability to apply their learning to real heritage challenges.  You will develop transferable skills of leadership and management with the guidance of informed heritage and business professionals, in a teaching environment designed to promote debate, individual thinking and mutual understanding.  

Who is this route for?

Students from all backgrounds are welcome to apply. The Heritage Science route is open to applicants with a physical sciences background such as physics or chemistry, as well as applicants from other disciplines (e.g. conservation, curation, history) that want to develop heritage science skills. 

See full details about the Heritage Science route on the UCL Graduate Prospectus ►

Heritage Management

Students looking at museum exhibits in Malta

As a student you will be encouraged to take a long view of conservation and heritage management. You will learn about concepts of value, sustainability, life expectancy, stewardship, ownership, vulnerability and risk. These concepts will be interwoven with the scientific study of historic materials, assemblies, technologies and systems. You will be challenged to define problems, set objectives, and explore a range of sustainability issues and strategies when approaching heritage projects. Together, this knowledge will give you an excellent interdisciplinary foundation to manage heritage projects sustainably. 

Our students come from a wide range of academic backgrounds, giving you great opportunities to learn from and appreciate different disciplinary perspectives. Throughout your degree you will also be introduced to a wide range of practicing heritage experts, with much of the teaching led by practitioners from prestigious heritage organisations. 

Who is this route for?

Students come from a range of backgrounds including architecture, conservation, history, or geography.  Heritage is an interdisciplinary field and students from all backgrounds are welcome to apply. The course will benefit students already working in heritage, those looking to broaden their understanding of heritage and those new to the field. 

See full details about the Heritage Management route on the UCL Graduate Prospectus ►

Data Science


The opportunities for using data science in different contexts are vast. Employers from increasingly diverse sectors now require people with skills in a range of state-of-the-art methods and technologies to understand, manage and exploit data. This degree pioneers a new way of teaching data science through application in the cross-disciplinary context of cultural heritage.  
As a student on the Data Science route of the Built Environment: Sustainable Heritage MSc you will develop advanced data science skills, such as coding, crowd-sourced data science, machine learning and data visualisation. You will explore the complexities of acquisition, analysis and exploitation of the variety of data that is generated and used in heritage contexts, including data generated through analysis and measurement, imaging and surveying, citizen science, and digitally born data. 
Data science underpins much of modern science. By examining the topic through the lens of cultural heritage, we can emphasise the human side of data science. Studying and applying data science methods to heritage will help you develop a broader experience in the field with the ability to consider the needs of users, the public and a broad range of stakeholders, alongside the more technical aspects of data science.  

Who is this route for?

Students from all academic and professional backgrounds are welcome to apply. The Data Science route is open to applicants with a technical background such as statistics or data science, as well as applicants from other disciplines (e.g., conservation, curation, history) that want to develop data science skills. This degree route is suited both to recent graduates and early or mid-career professionals looking to retrain or upskill. 

See full details about the Data Science route on the UCL Graduate Prospectus ►


If you are unsure which route would suit you can contact the Programme Lead Josep Grau-Bove to discuss your interests and find the route that is the best fit for your ambitions. Send an email to bseer-studentqueries@ucl.ac.uk to start the conversation.