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Displaying the Public View on Energy Efficiency in Historic Buildings

This project aims to explore merge public engagement with research by looking specifically on the role of heritage values in driving or prohibiting energy efficiency interventions in traditional buildings. The project is a pilot study taking place in the diverse area of Walthamstow, East London. It comprises of four main phases. The first phase aims to carry out in-depth, unstructured interviews in 10 households collecting also photographs of aspects from the interior and exterior of the house that are valued by the residents. The second phase aims to organise a public engagement, interactive workshop during which residents from the area are being given a 3D model house and a range of energy efficiency options to choose from in order to create their ideal home. A forum discussion takes place after the workshop. The third phase is to create a public-friendly leaflet outlining cost-effective energy efficient options that are compatible with the heritage significance of old buildings and circulate this during an open exhibit that displays interviews extracts and images from collected with the interviewees at the William Morris Gallery. Finally, the fourth phase revolves around the analysis of the collected data through a system dynamics approach.


Dr Kalliopi Fouseki
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Dr Eleni Vomvyla 
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Valentina Marincioni
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