UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage


Past projects

The posters below showcase our recent MRes students' research projects. They reflect the high level of interdisciplinarity and the great variety of topics addressed.


Pimpim de Azevedo
Understanding arga as a building material in Tibetan architecture (pdf)

Tiphaine Bardon
‘Imagink’ - Terahertz imaging of archival objects (pdf)

Gabriëlle Beentjes
Digitising archival records: does the user get the picture? (pdf)

Jane Elisabeth Robb
Assessing Condition of Geological Collections: Identifying Unique Values (pdf)


Caroline Coon
An Investigation into the Dimensional and Colour Stability of 3D Printed Artefacts (pdf)

Lisa McCullough
Will Henry VIII's Tapestry Collection Last a Lifetime? (pdf)

Roberto Padoan
Quantitative Imaging Spectroscopy of Historical Documents - An "Ocean" of Digital Information for Non Destructive Risk Assessment of Exhibitions (pdf)


Cecilia Bembibre
Smell of Heritage (pdf)

Joseph Huang
Fantastic Plastics and Airborne Pollutants - A Degrading Combination? (pdf)

Hend Mahgoub
Characterization of Islamic Paper (pdf)

Jacqueline Moon
Examining eight million photographs: can scientific instruments help? (pdf)


E. Keats Webb
3D & near-infrared imaging for object documentation (pdf)

Scott Allan Orr
Comparability of moisture measurement devices on historical masonry (pdf)

Cristina Duran Casablancas
Survival in archives: Factors contributing to mechanical degradation (pdf)

Yun Liu
Damage Function for Paper Containing Iron Gall Inks (pdf)

Betty Sacher
Investigating the Impact of Material Properties on Microfading (pdf)

Lucie Fusade
What makes a good repointing mortar for damp towers? (pdf)

Martin Michette
Reigate Stone at the Tower of London (pdf)

Sarah Hunt
Environmental Monitoring of the Mary Rose Museum (pdf)

Ekaterini Defaranou
Assessment of User and Non-user Values of the TATE Britain Sound Archive (pdf)

Danae Pocobelli
Can Heritage Be High Tech (pdf)


Cerys Jones


Danae Phaedra Pocobelli


Hayley Simon

Panos Andrikopoulos


Martin Michette

Alina Ohriniuc

Alexandra Bridarolli

Anna Pokorska


Antanas melinis

Charles Willard

Fabiana Portoni

Gavin Leong

Ida Ahmad

Isabella del Gaudio

Jenny Kim

Mihai Brasoveanu

Morana Novak

Yujia Luo