UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage



UCL ISH has disseminated its research through newspaper articles, television, poetry, stand-up comedy, public lectures and participation in public events.

UCL ISH Lecture
The 6th European Commission Conference, “Sustaining Europe’s Cultural Heritage: From Research to Policy”, organised by UCL ISH in September 2004, led to the influential “London Declaration”, calling for greater effort at political and scientific level to guarantee a sustainable heritage.

UCL ISH also host international conferences. Recent examples include IAQ 2012, the 10th International Conference on Indoor Air Quality in Heritage and Historic Environments in June 2012 and Lacona IX, Lasers in the Conservation of Artworks in September 2011, in partnership with the British Museum.

In 2014 staff at UCL ISH guest-edited special issues of two journals, producing an issue on “Polymers in Art and History” for the journal Polymer Degradation and Stability and one on “Energy Efficiency and Heritage Values in Historic Buildings” for Historic Environment: Policy and Practice.

These issues showcased current international research in heritage science and building conservation, including our own, opening it up to wider audiences within scientific and heritage.