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Perceived Value of Geological Collections by Experts for Improved Collections Management


1 January 2013

Through application of an attitude questionnaire this research explored expert stakeholders' values associated with geological collections. Six values were identified using exploratory factor analysis: · Personal/Inspirational · Uniqueness · Originality/Historic · Educational/Future · Aesthetic/Commercial · Information All values except Aesthetic/Commercial heavily rely on 'contextual information' associated with a specimen, but not directly contained within the specimen (such as where the specimen was collected, by whom and when, storage objects, notes and labels), indicating the object is formed of the specimen and its contextual information. An analysis of trends of agreement with these values showed that museum/heritage and academic professionals tended to strongly focus on contextual information in comparison to those working in a geological industry or company. The findings were applied to a case study using the Russell Collection at the Natural History Museum (London), where a randomised collection survey was carried out. The research indicates that along with the specimens themselves, it is just as important to ensure that associated contextual information contributing to Personal/Inspirational, Originality/Historical and Uniqueness Values are preserved as part of the collection.

Quantitative Assessment of Perceived Value of Geological Collections by 'Experts' for Improved Collections Management. The Geological Curator, 9 (10), 529-543.

Robb, J., Dillon, C., Rumsey, M., Strlic, M. (2013)

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