UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage



UCL ISH alumni include some of the cultural heritage sector's leading figures

They are supported by a strong community of former Centre for Sustainable Heritage colleagues, who remain in regular contact through events and social networks. Organisations our alumni have worked for include:

  • Arup
  • The National Trust
  • Historic England
  • Atkins Global
  • Envoy Partnership
  • Local authorities
  • Museums
  • Unesco


"I came to UCL ISH having spent almost 10 years working as an archaeologist in the National Trust. I knew I wanted to diversify and broaden my interest in other areas of heritage, which the course certainly gave me.

"I left the National Trust half way through the course and worked as a commercial consultant trying to build a business around sustainable heritage, so I did a lot of work around conservation planning and World Heritage Site management, working with multi-disciplinary teams, so the course was spot on.

"I then went back to the Trust as Head of Conservation for London and South East where everything I do is pretty much rooted in the principles of UCL ISH.”

- Rob Woodside, Head of Conservation at the National Trust, London and South East Region

"Completing the Masters course in Sustainable Heritage was one of the most challenging and rewarding things I have ever undertaken. Lessons were dynamic: the discussions held between an international mix of students and leading heritage specialists was really engaging and thought provoking and provided a series of unique perspectives to consider.

"The breadth of study and research that you undertake really provides you with a great overall understanding of the pressures and challenges facing cultural heritage. Site visits and the two-week study trip to Malta gives you an opportunity to apply your specialist knowledge to address a real need.”

– Isabel Assaly

"The best thing about this course is that instead of knowledge being delivered, ideas were exchanged and debated. The programme gave me a chance to explore my interests and work on my weaknesses. Initially I was extremely nervous about public speaking; the opportunity to represent my class during the study visit in Malta helped me overcome this.

"Throughout the course there were many prospects to grow professional network and seek career advice. Also, informal cultural exchanges happened frequently throughout the course. It was exciting to learn the cultural differences and similarities of several countries at the same time.”

– Pakhee Khumar

"In 2011 the National Archives of the Netherlands offered me the possibility to attend the Master of Research Heritage Science at UCL. A two-year adventure began and I absolutely loved it. For me, the best thing about the course was that I really felt my brains ‘stretching’, which was a rather stimulating experience. "If you love any kind of heritage object, whether books or historic buildings, and are interested in ‘hard’ science – or the other way around - I would absolutely recommend the MRes Heritage Science Course at UCL.”

– Gabriëlle Beentjes

"The MSc Sustainable Heritage at UCL broadened my understanding of the social, economic and environmental issues revolving around heritage. After completing the MSc, I returned to UNESCO and was able to apply the concepts and methods I had learnt to my work. “I would recommend anyone with an interest in the relationship between heritage and the larger dimension of sustainable development to take this MSc Programme, as I believe that the ability to address these issues will become critically important in the face of the global challenges in front of us.”

– Giovanni Boccardi