UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage


Sustainable Heritage MSc students working with the Wallace Collection

15 December 2021

For the annual field trip module this year, the Sustainable Heritage MSc students worked in collaboration with the Wallace Collection. Situated in central London, the Wallace Collection houses a spectacular collection of paintings, furniture and other historic artefacts.

Students work in the Wallace Collection

Currently, the Wallace Collection are installing new window blinds in their galleries to improve light management. The students’ task was to explore the impact the new blinds were having on particular gallery spaces.

Over two weeks in November and December 2021, 39 students from the MSc Sustainable Heritage collected and analysed data from the Wallace Collection.  They studied temperature, relative humidity and light data, the condition of the collection and the building fabric and carried out a risk assessment.  Their research was supported by lectures throughout the module from staff at the UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage and other external experts in preventive conservation.

At the end of two weeks, the students presented their findings to Wallace Collection staff. Staff were very enthusiastic and plan to take forward the students’ work. Future work in 2022 will involve converting the students’ data into recommendations for the Wallace Collection.

A huge congratulations to the students for a lot of hard work and an extremely successful project.  And many thanks to the Wallace Collection for their support and guidance.